How to customise a bouquet by yourself:

When you think about gift ideas and know that you are in a hurry and will not be able to select something beautiful, the first thing that strikes your mind is flowers. With the widest of varieties that flowers come, it makes it even more convenient for all you to choose one for every occasion. But at times, the regular bouquets that you get in the market do not catch your eye, so you wish to create one all by yourself or get one customised. Well, many online fighting companies customise cakes and flowers, and you can just give them the idea and the occasion for which you will need a bouquet, and they will customise a beautiful bouquet for your special one and send it to your place. One thing that is very important to have while you plan to make a bouquet at home is the artistic and aesthetic sense because without that you cannot afford to have a beautiful bouquet. But not to worry about that because it is not a big task to have an artistic sense and if at all you have a doubt on yourself then what you can do is you can refer to a lot of pictures online and see how others have designed the bouquets and accordingly set your idea about the bouquet. But if that makes you feel that you will not have any contribution of your own and you wish to customise a bouquet all by yourself, here are some of the steps that you can follow:

  • Choose the flowers: when you customise a bouquet, then there are high chances that it’s either for someone special with whom you share a special bond or for a special occasion. So your selection of flowers should be accordingly. For instance, if it’s an anniversary party of your mom and dad, you can select lilies and orchids for them and then combine the flowers to make a bouquet if it’s your best friend’s birthday, you can choose yellow roses and carnations and then customise it into a bouquet. Also, understand that your choice of flowers should be based on the occasion for which you are customising the bouquet. Like for a housewarming party, the bouquet should be different than that of the bouquet that you make for someone’s birthday. There has to be a visible difference between the two and that should be visible only when you choose different flowers. For instance, it is not likely for you to select roses for making a bouquet that is to be presented in a housewarming party as Lillis would be a more favourable option. The same way if you are planning to make a bouquet for your special one on their birthday or anniversary then you can choose red roses, while if you are thinking of presenting a bouquet on their achievement then you even if it is that one person with whom you are in love still you should opt for making a bouquet of carnations and not roses because carnations have a different expression of love as compared to roses. Also, while selecting flowers you should remember the age of the person and then select the flowers. For instance, if it’s your grandmother’s birthday high chance that she would love something that’s more pastel in colour while your sister will love a more colourful bouquet. So, make sure that you remember that as well.
  • The next step is gathering the materials: the best part of customizing a bouquet all by yourself is that you can play around with many things. You get beautiful handmade papers, cellophane paper and ribbons that you can buy to cover the stem of the flowers, and once you tie them together, it will look like a beautiful handmade bouquet. For that, you will need a plant scissor because the lower section of the stem is long and you will have to cut it short and detach the extra leaves from the stem so that your handmade paper does not get wet when you wrap it up. You will also have to buy floral tape to bind the flowers together and give them a bouquet form.
  • Don’t forget to add a note: when the entire process of customising a bouquet for your loved one is done, do not forget to add a handwritten note. This is something that a professional florist would have also asked you to do, so make sure you send your wishes on this small note. So that when the flower dries out, the person can keep the note as a memoir of your efforts. When you put in all the effort it is imperative for the person to love your work but it would seem very bland if you do not add a note on the bouquet and present the bouquet just like that. You must have thought of something while making that bouquet for that particular human so make sure you don’t put all the responsibility of expressing everything on the bouquet alone and rather add a note that says it all about the reason, the emotion and the message that you wish to convery through the bouquet. Your efforts will be better appreciated with the particular note.

DIY through references:

These are the three easy steps that you can follow and customise the bouquet according to the occasion or preference of your special one. But, of course, with all respect to the professional florists, you can always do online research of how they work and then do it yourself at home. Making a bouquet is not a tough task if you know the right technique and follow the steps. So these points should guide you well down the line as you decide to make a bouquet. Also, the steps are mentioned abpuve for you to save a lot of your time from being confused as to what to buy and how much to by and rather start the right way in the right direction.

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