How to Convert an iOS App into an Android App?

Converting iOS to android is a bit challenging as both the platforms have differences. Both these differ in terms of technology networks. However, upon taking the following aspects into account, one can easily achieve the desired conversion.  In this context, one needs to figure out the key features to include for the application.

Moreover, one needs to ensure that these features fit well with the specific version of the application. For android, it is important to clearly define the compatibility of the Android edition that the app can support. It is good to develop the app as per the edition that can support a maximum number of devices. For example, most of the devices support Android KitKat.

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The following abstracts can be significant for all those looking forward to converting an iOS application to android.

Prior to going to code

Conversion of iOS to Android is tricky. Hence, there must be thorough clarity about how to approach the task. In this context, the following aspects one must take into account.

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Addressing technical flaws

The biggest huddle that comes on the way of iOS to android conversion is technical flaws regarding compatibility. Hence, one must do a thorough assessment first. First of all, a proper assessment regarding the technical aspects of code is essential. Often conversion of iOS to android appears similar to going for distinct mobile app development.

In short, one should not expect it to be completed in very little time. At least, there should be several weeks in hand. In general, creating an explicit UX for android is a time-consuming affair. Similarly, back-end setup and integration of monetization platforms also take time. Visit The Site: kuttyweb

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A thorough analysis is essential prior to delve into the conversion of iOS to android. Specifically, one must consider the way the present iOS functions. Similarly, the features of it are important as well. The next thing to consider is the design aspects and workflow.

Above all, one needs to figure out the potential flaws and modes of solving the same. One must take into account the probable errors for optimizing the specific android edition. Most people ignore it, but it is essential to check back-end aspects when it comes to compatibility.

Insight into coding for iOS to android conversion

Flawlessness in terms of coding is extremely important for any software development process. Naturally, the same is true for iOS to android development as well. In this case, the developer has to write the entire code of the application from the very beginning. When one approaches the process from scratch, it is obvious to take time. Hence, one needs to identify the aspects that take more time.

On some occasions, one can use the fundamental edition of C when it comes to converting iOS to android. The prime advantage of it is that it makes things thoroughly simplistic. Moreover, there remain several libraries assuring about boosting performance. The good news is that there are incredible tools available for those who want to develop the code from very basic.

For iOS to android development, one should emphasize on Kotlin program language. However, one may go with Java. About the integrated development environment, one needs a recent android studio. One may go with Ubuntu or may go with Mac OS as a development operating system. On the other hand, the target operating system should be above Android 4.2.

Apart from these, one needs explicit focus on the following aspects.

  1. About icons, android, in general, comes with its own icon library. Indeed, one should prefer this.
  2. Navigation of content is important. In this context, one should emphasize the navigation bar at the end and tabs.
  3. In terms of buttons, generally, there remain two options-Flat and Floating actions.
  4. One must go through android dialogs for user actions/tasks. Moreover, there should be proper clarity of structure.
  5. Apart from these, one must also consider aspects like bottom sheets, text bars, etc.

One of the major aspects that most people ignore iOS to android conversion is a resemblance. Contemporary applications for iOS are made using Swift. However, those who go from iOS to android should understand the prominence of Kotlin or Java. Obviously, here the final product is android. Well, one can’t just go and recompile code from one platform to the other.

Why is C not always an option?

Anyway, it is quite true that both the OS platforms do well through C language. Undoubtedly, this can be a good option on some occasions. Specifically, those with budget constraints may go with it. However, in the modern era, when the competition level is high, very few go with C code. After all, everyone wants his/her application to be up a notch. On such occasions, iOS to android conversion has to be an extensive task. Here one needs to rewrite the entire code of one platform into the other. In fact, not just for iOS to android, complete rewriting is essential for the vice versa as well.

Essential additional tools

  1. Generally, Android & iOS app Development company go with certain additional tools. They also require external libraries. However, for iOS to android conversion, one must do a compatibility check for android. Apart from this, it is essential to integrate third-party services.
  2. For payment mode, the best option is Paypal. However, one may go through Braintree as well.
  3. There is a range of options available for analytics. However, Google analytics is the best. One may go with the likes of Flurry and Fabric as well.
  4. Apart from these, one must consider the integration of social media platforms as well.

Phone support and display resolutions

When it comes to displays and device support, one must consider OS edition to account. In short, one should ensure that conversion is meant for the correct edition. It is crucial to keep in mind that the number of Apple devices is much lesser than android. Also, Apple has greater restrictions on component access as well.

This is why the compatibility of components is crucial to consider. Specifically, the compatibility test plays a major role while using third-party services. No need to worry if it doesn’t meet compatibility. After all, there are libraries that are available that support both platforms. Hence, it becomes possible to replicate the functionality of social media platforms in a hassle freeway.

Testing, QA, and going live

It’s absolutely true that the iPhone Application Development process involves rigorous testing. Therefore, one needs to conduct proper QA testing for effectively converting iOS into android. Specifically, it is important to consider the following testing for best results.

  1. One must do integration testing, in which a joint quality check is done distinctly, also in groups.
  2. It is essential to do validation testing to ensure that the product meets business needs well.
  3. User interface testing is crucial to ensure that an android user feels comfortable.
  4. Most importantly, one must do beta testing through individual users prior to the product releases.
  5. Load testing is critical to ensure that the performance of the application is crucial.Visit here : masstamilan

Moreover, it is important to test using real-time smartphones. One must obviously employ current and out-of-box ways. At the same time, it is crucial to consider the console log as well. However, one must do reporting about the issues in different screenshot forms. This is critical for a better understanding of the developers.

Conversion is not simply about development. After the conversion of iOS to android completes, it is crucial to go live. Most importantly, norms of the concerned platform are essential.

Different development agencies employ different strategies regarding quality assurance. Undoubtedly, one must ensure the usage of actual android devices. At the same time, equal emphasis is essential regarding the usage of emulsion tools. After everything completes, one needs to go through Google Play norms for submission. One may develop a significant android app; however, it is crucial to optimize marketing campaigns as well.

Avoiding replicating design

Most of the conversions from iOS to android fail as the developers don’t consider the designing aspect well. Primarily, one should understand that both grow in distinct platforms. Hence, their modes of functionality also differ. Hence, one must avoid doing a copy of design aspects while converting iOS to android. However, one can’t simply expect significant output upon sticking to the basics.

Metric differences

The metric difference is a key aspect that one must take into account. Firstly, one needs to consider the importance of distinct android display resolution. The next thing is about considering distinct sizes for the icons.

Why not go for online iOS-android conversions?

Evidently, there are many online platforms claiming to convert iOS apps to android. However, one should refrain from using such platforms. There are various reasons for this. Moreover, it is evident that people opting for such ways often fail to achieve the best result. Specifically, the developers of these platforms don’t manage to bring built-in segments of iOS and Android. Hence, one must opt for the traditional ways while opting for iOS to android conversion.

How long does it take for conversion?

The amount of time one needs for the conversion of iOS to android depends upon the nature of the application. Mostly, people think the size of the application determines the time consumption. However, it’s the features and other complexities that play a major role in deciding the time. In some cases, it may take even six months when the complexity level is higher. It also depends upon the designing challenges and framework complexities as well.


Irrespective of the task one performs, the cost has always been a crucial aspect. Hence, one must plan well prior to delving into the development process. In general, the cost of iOS to android conversion varies between 6k dollars to 20k dollars. This price is meant for applications with very basic features. Accordingly, one should prepare for a high-end application.

Must review features and architects

It is crucial to review the specs and architecture well prior to going for iOS to android conversion. This is important as both platforms vary from each other. Specifically, one needs to keep the following points in mind while going for the large-scale conversion.

  1. 3D touch feature in case of iOS or AppShortcut when it comes to android
  2. Specifications regarding push notifications
  3. Line-up and particulars regarding content migration
  4. The intuitiveness of the application, specifically with external tools within the device.

How to set your development objectives?

Be it about a conversion or fresh application development, clarity about an ultimate goal is always vital. When the objective is clear, it becomes easier to strategize. How to bring that clarity? In this context, one must take the following aspects into consideration.

Do extensive market research

The number of android users is indeed immense. However, the level of competition is also high. One can easily find many alternatives for any kind of android app. Hence, it is essential to do extensive market research to identify what prospective customers look for in an android app. In accordance, one may go for strategizing about the features. Moreover, have clarity about how the specific feature on android can be better in comparison with iOS.

Plan additional specs

One must understand that the sole intention of converting iOS to android is not simply to copy. Obviously, one needs to enhance the UI/UX, navigation, etc. At the same time, one must plan to have additional features as well.

Additional monetization option

The ultimate aim behind conversion or betterment of an existing app is indeed to expand its monetization scope. Hence, one must include diverse ways of revenue generation.

Plan to keep the budget under control

Mostly, people go for the conversion of high-end iOS apps to android in order to provide a budget-friendly option to customers. Hence, make your budget don’t go overboard.


As evident through the whole discussion, iOS to android conversion is a tedious task. Hence, one must opt for professional experts rather than opting for online platforms. Specifically, one must ensure that the service provider carries adequate experience in these tasks. After all, there is a massive difference between developing a new android application and converting it. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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