How to Cite a Dictionary in APA 7: Basic Features

Students need to be expert in citing the dictionary by APA 7 as it’s one of the very important aspect in academic field. Citation from dictionary covers different features. is a platform where you can learn all the guidance related to it. It has a number of experts and on top of them supervisors. You can learn any of these things using it. provides you with every of the guidance you need in academic fields of which one of the important is citing dictionary in APA 7. You need to refer to the Title of the Publisher or Organization, then names of the individuals, year of Publication, word, source, link and URL.

Using Link of the Publisher or URL depends on your choice whether you are using printed or Online version. So here we’ll guide you in detail about it. That how you can use the citation from such sources.

Basic features of Citing a Dictionary in APA 7:

When you are writing these kinds of academic contents, research papers or essays, there are some features which you have to follow strictly. When you want to make a significant statement to support your arguments you have to refer to other citations.

In order to advance your idea, you have to cite a dictionary in APA 7. It helps to focus on the words and their meanings whether you have cited it from a printed or Online source. It gives your text credibility.

Printed and Online Dictionary:

There are two types of resources you can use to define the words you are using; They are printed and Online Dictionary. When it comes to the printed one it’s words have a limitation depending on its size but in Online Dictionary there’s more scope you can find. Using online Dictionary is quite easy as you just need to type the word of which meaning you are seeking and you’ll get the Answer. But finding the meaning in Printed Dictionary is a little bit difficult as you have to select the word and then search it in alphabetical order which is a little bit time consuming.

Rules of Citing a Dictionary in APA 7

Well the rules are not the same always. Somethings differ from paper to paper. There are two things basic which are what you are citing and what paper format you are using. While citing a Dictionary in APA 7 you should have to include;

  1. The organization or Individual in which you have to give the title of organization or if it’s written by individual then his name.
  2. Year of Publication which should be use to strengthen the argument. It’s mostly applicable in Printed Dictionary that in which year it is published because in online Dictionaries the dates go on changing time by time.
  3. Word which you are citing which is one of the important aspect as the main purpose of using dictionary if for finding the meaning of the words which if you are using a printed dictionary you can search alphabetically and if you are using online Dictionary you can type it easily and get the meaning.
  4. Name of the dictionary. There are different Dictionaries you can use and refer to their name. Because they have different versions and by presenting their names it becomes easy for the readers to just search which dictionary has been used to search the words and it’s meaning.
  5. Link of the Publisher or URL. Link to the Publisher is describing his name city etc. Which is used in printed Dictionary while in Online Dictionaries you have to give the URL Address.

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