How to choose right hair wig for a women 

Choosing a right hair wig is important before installing a new one. Without a proper guideline you can’t find the right wig for you. 

Wig Cap Size:

Its most important part is to find the right wig cap size. You can say it is the first step while choosing a wig for you. 

Why do you need perfect wig cap size:

  • If you don’t catch right wig cap size, wig won’t look natural
  • If you don’t have the right size, it won’t feel comfortable.
  • You can feel weird, even feel itchy if your wig cap size is too tight or loose.

Now, the most important question is how to know what size fits you. To get your size which suits you needs measurement. You will know how to measure your head.

Process of measurement:

  1. First Measure the boundary of your head from the front hairline with tape
  2. Then wrap the tape behind your ear
  3. Later, wrap the tape to the nape of your neck
  4. At the last, you need to continue wrapping the tape on the other ear and then back to the front hairline.

Wig Color:

There are many colors out there, you just have to find the best one which suits you. For the first time purchasing or using a wig, you should keep in mind what color that closely matches your recent hair. 

Have a look at the below hair color- 

  • Black color
  • Brown color
  • Blonde 
  • Gray
  • Natural red
  • Vibrant red

You can also use skin tone for choosing wig color. You will get an idea of skin tone wise wig color.

Warm Skin Tone:

You can focus on brown color, if you have a warm skin tone. 

Darker Skin Tone

If you have darker skin tone, you can use colors like brown, red, blonde.

Cool Skin Tone:

Black, Grey color is perfect for cool skin tone. 

Lighter Skin:

Brown, Blonde can be great for lighter skin.

Different Types of Wigs:

  • 100% Handtied Wigs

Hand tied wigs look natural and moving freely as every individual hair or fiber hand knotted in a wig cap. It can move like realistic hair according to your style. You can feel comfortable with 100% hand tied wigs as the cap is soft to wear. 

Who can use:

  • Having sensitive scalps to feel good
  • Who is experiencing hair loss
  • Who is looking for realistic look
  • Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wig comes with invisible, thin wig material to look more realistic. This type of wig is tied by hand into a cap. It’s similar to a hand tied wig.

Who can use:

  • Who wants diversity in looks
  • Who wants to style hair away from face

You need to know how to put a lace front wig on

  • Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs cap made with thin, nylon material called Monofilament fabric. Every hair fiber is hand tied to a cap.

Who can use:

  • Who wants to style her hair for any direction
  • Who wants natural looking hair for scalp
  • Wefted Wigs

This type of wigs don’t move naturally what hand tied wigs have. Its pre-made style you can choose from. 

Who can use:

  • Who needs cool scalp because ventilation friendly gives more airs move 
  • Who needs long lasting and durable wig

Hair Type:

There are mainly 2 types of hair available. You will know what is the best one to use.

  • Human
  • Synthetic 

Human Hair Wig

Positive sides:

  • Looks natural 
  • Dryer friendly
  • Durable 
  • Can be colored easily
  • Long lasting life, can be last 1-2 years

Negative sides:

  • Expensive than synthetic 
  • Need more maintenance like real hair

Synthetic Wig:

Positive sides:

  • High quality look likes real hair
  • Not Expensive like human hair wig
  • Need less maintenance 

Negative Sides:

  • Hard to style the hair
  • Not durable 
  • Last less than 1 year 
  • Can’t style with hot tools
  • Coloring is not possible 


After knowing all these options, you can easily find the right hair wig for you. You can get all kinds of hair in Luvmehair 

Why Lovemehair:

Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry, while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience

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