How to Check Your Car Before a Road Trip

Do you already have any road trip music on your playlist? Are you travelling in comfortable clothes? Already have snacks to eat? Check this everything together with your wallet, map, paperwork, and auto emergency kit.

You’re ready for an exciting road trip, but what about your vehicle? Before you go, perform a few auto maintenance procedures to ensure your car is prepared for the journey.

Even though you can’t prevent problems, checking your car before going on vacation might save you time at the repair shop. We’ll show you how to check your car before a road trip to ensure a smooth ride.

Ensure your battery has a strong charge

Of course, you can’t go on a road trip with a dead battery. Or until the battery dies in the middle of nowhere, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

It is a scenario you don’t want to be in. So, before you get in your car, ensure your battery is fully charged, has clean terminals, and is connected to the terminals correctly.

Car batteries last three to four years on average. If yours is nearing the end of its useful life, don’t forget to replace it with your trusted shop like GJ Driveline.

Lights should be fully-functional

For nighttime driving, fully-functional car lights are a must-have. However, their bulbs eventually burn out or become faulty. It is why you should check your car’s lights regularly.

Check your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and tail lights in the garage.

The light should bounce off the wall. Also, look for dirt, fractures, and breakage in your lights. Have your lights cleaned or repaired in your trusted repair shop like GJ Driveline if you notice any.

Check the oil level and colour

Another thing to check on your car is the oil since it must maintain all engine parts. Your engine will suffer since it doesn’t have enough oil, which will wear and tear on its working parts. When your car’s engine runs out of oil, it will cease running, and you’ll face costly car repair fees.

Check the oil level and colour of your engine. It’s time to replenish when the oil level falls below the minimum. Look for leaks, as they indicate that your automobile is losing oil rapidly.

Guarantee a few litres of water in your trunk

Every driver’s most considerable dread is overheating of a car engine. A road accident can be avoided by simply checking the water in your radiator. It’s also better to keep a few litre water bottles in your trunk if your car overheats and you need to cool it down.

Brakes should be in a good working condition

Brake inspection is just as crucial as the first few things you should do with your car. To avoid car accidents, check your braking system; it should be in good working condition before driving it on a road trip.

Ensure that the brake pedal is down. It shouldn’t be spongy and should have little resistance. Driving is dangerous if the brakes are not working properly. If you don’t know how to check brakes, you can ask for the assistance of professionals in GJ Driveline.

Maintain the right air pressure for your tires

Before leaving for a road trip, ensure that your tires are adequately filled. Maintain proper tire pressure to avoid accidents and poor fuel efficiency. Tires lose air over time, whether they’re old or new.

This issue is difficult to notice; thus, a tire pressure gauge will be required. Also, look for sharp things that might puncture the tires. GJ Driveline can help you, if you don’t know how to check air pressure.

Check your gasoline level

A full gas tank is essential, especially for road trips. Consider how inconvenient it would be if you ran out of petrol when caught in traffic or travelling with no gas station. So, before you go for a long drive, make sure you check your gasoline level on the fuel gauge.

Inspect your car engine

It’s preferable to notice an engine problem before driving off than to deal with it on the road. Look for leaks that might signal an engine issue. You can check by starting the car engine and listening to the sound it makes.

If you hear banging or other strange noises, you should get your engine checked by a professional like GJ Driveline.

Look into your car tire

A tragic accident might occur when you drive on worn tires. Spend a few minutes before you depart for a road trip inspecting your tires for bulges, bumps, rips, and other damage indicators.

Examine yourself if you’re suitable for a long drive

It would be best if you had the presence of mind when you’re driving. So, if you’re unwell, dizzy, exhausted, tired, or intoxicated, you should delegate driving to someone else.

Driving when under a lot of mental stress is especially risky since you’ll lose focus on the road. So, if you’re not feeling yourself, don’t drive. Ask for somebody to do it for you.

And there, you have the things you need to check before a road trip. Be mindful and stay safe!

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