How To Attempt SBI PO Mock Test To Get A Good Score In The Exam?

When we talk about competitive exams, SBI PO catches every aspirant’s attention. Millions of students across the world aspire to attempt it and get a good score in this exam. Keeping this in mind, today, we will talk about how we can prepare for the SBI PO Mock Test and improve our scores.

Here is a tried and tested strategy and a few pointers for attempting the mock test successfully.

  • Start with a practice test:

The first and foremost step towards preparing for the test starts with a practice test. Understand the topic and do a practice test. It will help you find out your stronger and weaker areas to focus on accordingly.

  • Strategize your attempts:

The next step starts with picking the questions that you are comfy with doing. Start with the easy topics and gradually attempt the harder ones and the ones you have left for later. It will help you figure out how you could tackle all the questions in exams. SBI PO mock test is the prime approach to prepare for the Prelims and Mains.

  • Find out your strength and weakness:

Now, it is time to work on your weakness. Understand the topics and find out your strengths and weaknesses. Highlight the areas you are good at and polish the topics that trouble you the most. Once you are done with analyzing your problematic areas, look for ways to overcome the hardships.

  • Analyze your tests:

Along with attempting the test, it is also crucial to go through it to better understand your mindset while attempting the test.

Analyzing the test has three integral parts:

  •   The questions that you have done right.
  •   The questions that you have done wrong.
  •   The questions that you have missed.

While analyzing the test, ask yourself:

  •   Why could I not answer this?
  •   Why did I do this wrong?

Once you analyze the entire test, find some short tricks to rectify your mistakes.

  • Learn quicker and shorter solving tricks:

Short tricks help you rectify your mistakes and make solving quicker, which further help you save time in the SBI PO exam. Now to mention, even 1 minute can be a game-changer in an exam. So, look for faster problem-solving techniques and apply the same in the exam to get a good score. The key benefit of this process is to figure out how toppers of the previous year attempted the paper to crack the exam and scored well.

  • Plan your approach:

Once you are done with practicing and analyzing your test, the next step is to strategize your approach to attempt the test to maximize your scores in the exam.

  •   Firstly, attempt the questions you are sure to solve correctly.
  •   Now, go for the ones you think you can solve.
  •   Lastly, attempt the questions you are not sure about and have marked to do for later.

Follow these steps to experience a gradual improvement in your performance over time.

Now, you might ask where to do a practice test, learn the faster solving tricks and strategize the approach. Right? Well, BYJU’S Exam Prep is here to help you. This online test is the one-stop solution for improving your speed and getting a good score in the SBI PO Mock Test. With the help of this online test series pack, you can improve your overall score not only in Mock but also in Prelims and Mains.


Attempt your SBI PO Mock test at BYJU’s Exam Prep and get good scores in the exam. The test series comes with a free mock test, Pre and Mains in Hindi and English, providing complete performance analysis and solution.

If you are not sure how to start the SBI PO Mock test, do it with BYJU’s Exam Prep Mock Test Series 2021 now. So, what are you waiting for? Opt for this online test series now and improve your overall score in the exam.

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