How to accessorize like a pro stylist?

Accessories and pairing them up with the right outfit is no less than rocket science for a few. You may be scrolling through Instagram and scratching your head about how people can look so put together in a basic tee and jeans. The answer is it’s all in the accessories. Even you can dress like that if you know just some of these best tips by top stylists.

Less is more

When accessorizing, many people want to highlight everything. Stop! It’s sore to the eye when you don’t know what to focus on. You should plan where you want to attract the eyes of the spectators. If you are tall and want to show off the abs you have been working so hard for, try a navel ring or a waist chain. If you have sharp features, try a nose ring. Accentuate features that you like the best about yourself and feel confident about. That manicure you got yesterday can be paired with some beautiful rings. Nobody will overlook those nails, I promise.

Try it out with outfits.

It’s very important that you plan out your outfit. If you do not want to make a blunder or run late in the morning, spend half an hour trying out outfits and pairing different kinds of accessories. Handbags are a really good addition to any outfit and are also very underrated. You can match it with your outfit or with your shoes. Just make sure that your shoes are lighter in colour than your purse. Sunglasses can hide all your fears and overnight bring dark circles while accentuating your face and drawing attention to it. Belts can also be a good addition but should be worn with care as doing it wrong can give a very opposite result.Visit the site tamilmv

Shop in variety

When you are shopping for accessories, keep in your mind your style, how you dress most days, your favourite outfit etc. This way, you will be sure that you have an accessory for every outfit and every occasion. If you buy whatever you like, then you will not have enough options when wearing an outfit.

To conclude, it’s not rocket science to look effortless yet chic in everyday wear. Just pair it up with the right accessory, and you are good to rule the day. Best of luck! click here comments On Instagram

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