How not to lose everything on the way to the jackpot in an Indian casino

More than 50% of Indian casino newcomers come to become millionaires. Some succeed in reaching their goal. True, about 95% of customers are left with nothing. You can minimize these risks with a few life hacks.

Is the progressive jackpot worth it?

The first thing that attracts newbies to a casino site in India is the progressive jackpot counter. The amount, which increases by several thousand rupees every second, cannot but bewitch. And it’s not cheating. It is quite possible to become a millionaire in Indian casinos.

There are two nuances that should stop the player from chasing the jackpot:

  • The volatility of progressive slots is off the charts. Usually, the jackpot refers to one of the slots in which you just need to bet in order to fight for the win. High volatility means that the combination, after which the gambler will receive an invitation to the round with the wheel of fortune, appears extremely rarely.
  • The main prize is drawn among a limited number of customers. Only high rollers can participate in the exclusive wrestling. These are gamblers who play every spin on all lines and the maximum number of coins.

From all this it follows that in order to win, a client of an online casino in India will need not only luck, but also an impressive supply of funds on the account balance. And these are not even deposits of 10,000 INR. It is necessary to deposit from 100,000 rupees, and even then, this does not guarantee a result for the client of the institution.

Why bonuses are an advantage

Online casino players in India are draining deposits due to lack of reserve. The user does not have a spare amount on the balance that can be used to continue the gaming session when the main wallet is empty. Gambling club operators are moving forward.

There are several ways to create a bonus balance:

  • With a welcome bonus. The starting package of promotions in Indian casinos always includes 100% for the first deposit. Most often, similar gifts are issued for the next 4-5 deposits.
  • Through weekly cashback. Every week, Indian casino customers can receive a financial kickback. This is up to 20% of all merged deposits. Funds are credited to the prize wallet and immediately become open for scrolling in slot machines.
  • Through no deposit bonuses. Free promotions in India are not that common. Usually no deposit type bonuses are announced during international holidays. In addition, these can be gifts from providers of gaming machines. Newcomers are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with ongoing promotions.

Being active is the best way to get maximum bonus offers. Only in this case the user will have a regular handicap and permanent winnings.

How not to drain the deposit in 5 minutes

The majority of beginners in gambling lose money in the first minutes after the launch of the slot machine. To prevent this, you need to follow some recommendations:

  • It makes no sense to immediately go for broke and enter large bets. This is a direct risk of losing money. It is better to set it to a minimum, gradually study the mechanics of the device and only then move on to increased risk.
  • You need to prepare insurance for yourself. This is done either through bonuses from online casinos, or through the bonus mechanics of the slot itself. If the paytable indicates that the slot contains up to a hundred free spins, this becomes an advantage.
  • You need to use a specific strategy. It could be a flat tactic. The essence of this strategy is that players make bets from a certain percentage relative to the available deposit. If each bet is 5% of the balance, the deposit will not drain too quickly.

It will not be superfluous to read reviews about the selected gaming machine. This will help you deal with volatility, understand how often winning combinations fall out.

How to get free casino bonus in india

The number of free bonuses depends largely on the initiative of the player himself. Just like that, free gifts are rarely given. This happens at the end of the next year or at the beginning of a new season. In this way, the operator motivates the players and increases activity.

The user can look at social networks. Today, almost all casinos are promoted through Telegram or communities on Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms. Promo codes are posted here. Most of them do not require a deposit. The user receives a gift from the administration for free.

Most often, no deposit promotions involve the issuance of free spins. This is a very profitable purchase for the client. 100 free spins almost guarantee a win. On average, even high-volatility slots give at least one win in 100 rounds. Moreover, there is a high probability that the multiplier of this payout will exceed x1000.

In another case, no deposit may involve the issuance of virtual money. The player will have 2000-3000 INR on the bonus balance. These funds are allowed to be used in bets in slots.

However, do not forget that any bonus must be wagered. Wagers for no-deposits are traditionally higher. Therefore, the player will need a certain budget to enter the payout received from the free gift.

Which slot machine to choose

In fact, the player’s success is influenced by one factor regarding the choice of a gaming machine. In an assortment of 1000 models, it is extremely difficult to find a suitable one in 5 minutes. Therefore, the player should not rush, carefully study the mechanics of different video slots.

The configuration of the gaming machine may include different bonuses. These are wild symbols that change other images to the same ones, and scatter cards that give you the right to free spins. During the free spins round, another prize round may appear, in which the jackpot is played.

The abundance of bonus options for the player becomes a big plus. This means that the user can increase the likelihood that free spins or several multipliers will appear in the next round, which will increase the total multiplier to x10000.

Some casinos in India have statistics on the latest winnings and payouts on the main page. For a beginner, this information is extremely useful. Here you can determine the device that gives payments more often than others. It is from this slot that you need to start playing for money.

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