Horseshoe Bend is one of the rare places with a breath taking view, yet hikers of every level have access to it. A short hike opposite a highway leads you to the top of a cliff overlooking Colorado River and Horseshoe Bend above one thousand one hundred feet below.

Starting from the parking lot, you hike a 1.5-mile round trail that ends at a cliff where there is a fascinating masterpiece. The hiking trail is short, but during summer, uphill climbs are strenuous, and the heat is unbearable, so it is advisable to bring lots of water with you.

After a 984 feet gentle ascent climb, there is a little resting spot with a shady pavilion, where you can relax and know more about the geological history of Horseshoe Bend, giving you a brief insight of what to expect. The second section of the hike is easy to walk and is downhill. The return trip will be difficult as you will be moving uphill with the shining sun.

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Horseshoe Bend Arkansas Things to Do

The famous attraction of the town is the 640-acre Crown Lake. There are many things to do on Crown Lake, such as paddle boarding, tubing, swimming, kayaking, and water skiing. Crown Lake is a good spot for fishing, but it is not the only fishing spot present in the region. Apart from Strawberry River and Crown Lake, tourists can also visit some of the smaller fishing lakes, like North, Diamond, and Pioneer.

There are several things to do in Horseshoe Bend for both children and adults. Golf enthusiast has the opportunity to pick between two 18-hole golf courses. Horseshoe Bend has a community theatre, three resorts, numerous stores and restaurants, a spa, and a library.

The people of Horseshoe Bend take pride in the ability to provide an exciting experience for tourists. The farmers’ market occurs every Wednesday during summer, and every third Saturday of the month, the music in the mountains show occurs.

Best Month to visit Horseshoe Bend

There is no specific perfect period to tour Horseshoe Bend unless you prefer cooler air, then early spring and autumn are perfect. For people who prefer sunny times, summer is a perfect time, but this is the peak tourist period.

In case of the time of the day to visit, it is based on your schedule. Both sunset and sunrise are beautiful times for a tour, and you can take a few impressive pictures. Some tourists believe in staying away from the Horseshoe Bend at midday. As not only will the sun be harsh, but your pictures will also appear washed out.

If you wish to do some skiing in winter, you can go to Horseshoe Bend, but you need to be careful as the trails and roads can be tricky. Similarly, there may be falling at any time, and you might not be able to see the overlook or might even get stranded.  You can easily buy chianti wine

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Where to Stay Near Horseshoe Bend

  • Hampton Inn Batesville
  • Comfort Suites Batesville
  • Quality Inn and Suites Mountain Home
  • Holiday Inn Express and Suites Batesville
  • Hampton Inn West Plains

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