Here’s why you should hire a child support attorney in Gig Harbor

Once you file for divorce in Washington, you must wait for 90 days before the court grants the same. In the real world, most divorces take longer than that. That’s because couples often end up arguing on issues like child custody, child support, and distribution of assets. Washington doesn’t use the term “child custody”. A “parenting plan” determines custody and visitation rights. There is also child support, which is determined after considering the income of both parents. Regardless of the equation you share with your spouse, you should seek legal representation and advice. In this post, we bring the reasons for hiring a Gig Harbor child support attorney

Focusing on the child’s best interests

As a parent, you have certain responsibilities towards the child that you cannot evade. The court will determine the child’s financial needs and decide how child support will be shared between both parents. Given that you are in a legal battle with your spouse, you may have difficulty agreeing to things. It is not uncommon for warring parents to think of personal agendas when deciding child support and custody rights. An attorney can help you understand the ‘best’ things for your child. They can talk about things from a legal perspective, and at the same time, they can share a compassionate approach. 

Focusing on your rights and interests

If you don’t negotiate or discuss child support in detail with your spouse, you may end up paying more. You need an attorney to look out for your rights. A good lawyer can help you understand more about child support calculation and how the court can evaluate things for your case. Local family attorneys know the courts and judges and can predict certain aspects of a divorce based on experience. 

Negotiating better

You also need a lawyer to negotiate with your spouse and their lawyer. If both parents cannot agree on child support or the parenting plan, the judge will make a decision, and that decision may not be anywhere close to what you may have wanted. Get an attorney on your side and consider resolving matters related to the child’s needs and welfare outside of the court. This is your best bet at coming up with an arrangement that is more likely to be accepted by the judge. 

Check online now to find more on local Gig Harbor attorneys near you and ask for an appointment today.

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