Guide to Buying the Best Induction Cooker

Induction cookers are essential in every modern home. There are many different qualities available in induction cookers. Various companies all over the world are providing multiple options. Buying a cooker is a mix and match of your needs and budget. The article is about different qualities and types of induction cookers.

A cooker is counted as essential among household appliances. There are many different types of cookers in the market as well. Induction cookers are considered the best among the options. Induction technology in cookers is the best, but many different types and qualities lay within the best option.

There is a multitude of options available to buy from in the market. Each company in the market offers a different aesthetic look and a different, more modern feature.


Induction cookers come in two ranges, fixed and portable. In terms of technology, both are similar, but the power can differ. Fixed cookers are usually planned to be set inside a kitchen counter to be a permanent fixture. These cookers can have from four to 8 tops depending on the size you buy.

Portable cookers are small and have only one or two induction tops. The lightweight makes it easy to carry out of the house. The cooker can be used for camping trips or picnics if you can arrange for a power supply. The portable cookers are less powerful than fixed countertops.


The variety of features in an induction cooker can confuse you a lot. To avoid confusion, ignore the frills and focus on the main components an induction cooker provides. Most of these features are available in both fixed and portable cookers. After the size of the cooker, the parts are responsible for the induction cooker price in Kenya.

Safety and Maintenance

Induction cookers, like other cookers, generate a lot of heat. This factor can cause a lot of accidents. Induction technology makes cookers smart, so they must have innovative safety and maintenance features.

Safety features that can avoid fires or burns are essential. When buying an induction cooker, always look at its safety features. If none are mentioned, leave the cooker where you found it.

Preset Menu and Timer

What is an induction cooker if not an intelligent electric variant of a traditional cooker? As everything is innovative in today’s consumer electronics world, these induction cookers should make your life easy. And to do precisely that, companies have added presets and customizable timers to the cookers.

The preset function helps you to cook the perfect meals without worrying about the burnt or the uncooked taste. The timer, on the other hand, though a good cooking feature, is also a great safety feature. Many kitchen fires start when the cook forgets that they have put something on the stove. A timer can put your mind at ease.

Long-term Benefit

Like gas bills, these cookers increase the electric bills. Depending on which utility is cheaper in your country, you should make a choice. The advantage of induction over gas is that the energy wastage is much less. Even if electricity is expensive, induction’s cooking time decreases as it transfers most of the energy to the pot above it. The technology is pocket-friendly in the long term.


Prices of induction cookers can vary a lot. To not get confused, you should follow your budget and your need. If that is clear, then making a choice becomes very simple. When Buying induction cookers, always look for the ones with good features. Mainly safety, presets, and timers are the most important ones. Check also chafing dishes.

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