Grey & Pink: Living Room Decor Ideas For A Blushy Look

We have all seen the usual combination of colours and themes for living room decor ideas in magazines. The beige’s, greens, blues, browns, whites, the combinations are many and have been tried and tested. However, a unique combination trending on the design list for living rooms is grey and pink. This modern neutral duo instantly uplifts the common area creating a cosy space for guests and family alike to unwind. It also can hide stains better (win-win). Not sure how to apply the look? Use our tips below to create the perfect blushy design for your living room:

Sofa Sets

The focal point of any living room is the sofa set. It’s also the best piece of furniture to play with when it comes to using colour combinations. If you are going for a cosy and gentle vibe, curate a sofa set in the shades of pink and match it with plush beige cushions. Feeling eclectic? Go for a bold and bright pink that’ll add a pop of colour to the otherwise neutral room and furniture. Other safer and tried options include choosing a sofa that is block grey in colour and accessorise it with pastel pink cushions. Browse through gorgeous sofa set online on websites like Wakefit to get the best available in the market. Their many seating options also include the choice of fabric, texture and type of seating, making it a very attractive buy.

Paint a Wall

Inject a rich hue of pink on a single wall to create a romantic and elegant look in the room. A great rule of thumb to follow when bringing a new colour in is the 60-30-10 ratio. 60% of the living room in one colour (mild blush pink), 30% another colour (mid-grey) and 10% of an accent wall (a rich mauve or other hues of pink).

Create a bit of personality to the wall by adding wall shelves that are great for display and storage. They are also an amazing conversation starter in a living room. Each item displayed probably has a story that you want to share with friends and family. Pick a unique and contemporary wall shelf in wood, as the colour goes excellent with light hues of pink. This option works great if you do not want to go all out and redecorate your entire living room and instead want to bring in smaller changes. Use artefacts, frames, collectables or succulents with pots in shades of pink that can sit well on your beautiful wall shelf! Another great tip is to add black frames with pictures with a hint of grey on the wall. This creates a stunning wall gallery.

Coffee Table

Like the wall shelf, the natural wood colour goes excellent with almost any décor and theme. Its earthy look and feel are suitable for the colours of pink, beige and grey too! Pick a sturdy and stylish coffee table and bring in shades of pink and grey through the choice of accessories placed aesthetically on the table. Opt for two different heights of tall dark brown or grey candle stands that can hold a pink pillar scented candle. Make sure the coffee table and its tall accessories don’t block the view of the TV and TV Unit ahead. Make the space cosier by adding a light blush pink rug underneath that separates the area.

Dining Set

Yet another focal piece of furniture online, your dining set can set the mood for the living area. Being an expensive investment, it’s important to pick one that’s sturdy and will last you the test of time (and spills!). That’s why we cannot recommend pure wooden dining set enough that it’s a timeless classic, is durable and most importantly- easy to clean! Pair this table with pastel or blush pink cushioned seats. In addition, add a cosy, large, plush grey rug at the bottom to section out the dining table and instantly uplift your space!

Grey sofa sets are probably the best investment as it creates the aptest backdrop for any colour scheme, especially for pink. So go on, mix and match grey and pink to give a perfect look to your living room.

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