Global CTB Review: Your Gateway To The World of Online Trading

Online trading has become quite a usual norm these days, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. At least half of the online traders are those who were never traders before. They only became traders when pandemic forced them to sit idle in their homes which necessitated upon the need of online trading. Online traders need online brokerage firms and without them online trading is not possible. This is where the real problem lies for online traders. The problem is to find the brokerage firm of standard and global recognition. Global CTB is the firm of standard and is recognized worldwide.

Things To Admire About Global CTB

One of the most obvious reasons to admire about Global CTB is that it was founded by traders themselves. Because of the founders’ experience in trading, they were already aware of the specific needs of the traders. Eventually, the trading platform of Global CTB was designed with the understanding of online traders’ requirements. The platform currently has millions of traders who come from several backgrounds and countries. This Global CTB Review will elaborate some of the reasons why should anyone hire Global CTB for the purposes of online trading.

Types of Trading Global CTB Offers

First of all, this trading platform offers three main types of trading i.e. forex, cryptocurrency and CFD. As regards the CFD trading, a trader has the option of trading crypto and forex through CFDs as well. All the three types of trading are time and again tested and offer great monetary benefits. So if you decide to do forex or crypto or even CFD trading, you have great chances of earning extra money. For instance, if you opt to do forex then you have plenty of options in choosing popular currency pairs. Similarly, if you have chosen to trade in cryptocurrencies then you can invest money in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash etc. Likewise you can do CFD trading through Global CTB and have plenty of tradable assets at your disposal.

Trading Accounts & Their Divisions

For any of the trading i.e. crypto, forex or CFDs you have to first obtain a trading account from the Global CTB. Beginner level traders are perhaps not aware that for them to do online trading they have to first get an account. Almost all of the trading platforms offer variety of accounts and in each account they have given some special features. Similarly, Global CTB too has wide range of accounts namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. Once you have made up your mind about a particular account then for the purposes of account activation funding is required. This funding is deposited in the selected account which is usually decided by the account provider.

Global CTB has accounts which range from basic to advanced level accounts. Bronze account of Global CTB is in fact can be regarded as the basic account and therefore it needs minimum initial deposit of Euro 500 only. Highest level account of Global CTB is the VIP account whose activation needs deposit of Euros 500,000.

Remarkable Features

Some of the great features that are attributed in the accounts are also arranged from basic to advanced features. Basic features include features of access to trading and online education library, trading resources such as live charts, trade signals, trade market insights etc. On the other hand, advance features include basic features as well as leverages, one-on-one training sessions, access to seminars, account managers, trade advisors and expert assistance.

Sold Customer Support

For best trading experience, Global CTB offers some special services as well. For instance, a trader comes across a difficulty in using any particular trade tool or difficulty in trading or logging in. For addressing these types of issues, the platform offers full fledge 24/7 customer support. There is no problem in getting in touch with the support team because they are available online as well as offline. If a trader wishes to talk to them live, then the trader can either call or use live chat option. Likewise, a message can be left for the purposes of the support team staff to get back to you later.

End Remarks

If you want to gain benefits from online trading, then come and join Global CTB and enjoy the best trading experience.

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