Get to Know About the Different types of Welding Machines in Kenya

Welding machines are not created equally. There is not a lone welding machine appropriate for all kinds of welding purposes. This article looks at the main types of welding machines available in the market. It discusses each of the machines and explains the differences between them.

Welding can be defined as a fabrication process where materials, mainly thermoplasticsand metals, are joined through extreme heat. The intense heat melts the materials together and allows their cooling leading to fusion. Pressure can be used together with the heat or on its own to produce the weld. Filler materials are usually added to joints to form weld pools making the joints stronger.

Electrical (electric arc), chemical (gas flame), electron beams, ultrasound, lasers, and friction can be utilized as energy sources for welding. Welding can be done in different environments such as underwater, outer space, and open air. Welding is hazardous and can lead to vision damage, electric shock, inhalation of toxic fumes, and severe burns. Workers should take precautions to avoid incidents.

TIG Welding

TIG machines use electric arcs for welding. Their electrodes are manufactured from tungsten. Tungsten does not burn off or dissolve as it is a very tough metal. The machines can also use external gas supplies, like helium and argon. The TIG welding machine price in Kenya is high due to its high quality andability to provide powerful welds. Auto and aerospace use these welders.

MIG Welding

MIG machines are used both in factories and at home. The machines can handle metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel. MIG is another form of arc welding which uses continuous wires as electrodes. The electrodes join the base materials.Shielding gas is used to prevent contamination of the weld pool. mig welder is known to be very fast.

Stick Welding

Stick welding (shielded metal welding) uses electric current flowing from the gap between the welding stick and the metal. An arc is created between an electrode rod (filler rod) and a base material using an electric current. A flux covers the rod to prevent contamination. Stick welders are portable and are used in industrial fabrication, underwater pipelines, maintenance and repair, and construction.

Spot Welding

Spot machines are used in the joining of overlaps between items such as steels sheets. The process involves the passing of current through the items. Spot welding has advantages such as high manufacturing rates, effective utilization of power, and simple automation. The machines are mainly used in the vehicle industry. The spot welding machine price in Kenya is generally lower than that of the alternatives.


Welding is a great skill used in everyday activities such as making décor or garden art. The art of welding has been around since the nineteenth century and has continued developing with time. Many industries use welding to make and repair items. Though welding is beneficial, it is also very hazardous. Ensure you follow the necessary precautions and dress accordingly while welding.

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