Get prepared with Emirates before you fly to your destination

One of the largest airlines based in Dubai, is Emirates. It was founded in 1985 and today it belongs to the Emirates group. Their company has 230 planes and operates about 3000 flights every week to 140 destinations across the world. That said, it is not just limited to that, new destinations are duly added every year. Emirates is a firm believer that it connects the world to the global hub in Dubai and everywhere else. They take pride in being a modern, efficient, and comfortable aircraft. Also, they have a culturally diverse workforce which is known to deliver award-winning services to its customers on a daily basis and across the six continents of the world.

Not only that, it is a company which is dedicated to business and environmental stewardship. Along with that, they are a huge contributor to vibrant economies and communities. Emirates has a long line of historical connotations attached to it and along with that it is a legendary airline in itself. Why is it legendary? Well, it’s a true fact that it remains the largest international airline even at the time of Covid-19 which carried 15.8 million passengers in 2020.

Manage and plan your travel with Emirates

Why take the hassle of planning and managing your travel yourself when you can get guided by Emirates? Here are ways you can manage and plan your travel with Emirates smoothly and swiftly.

– Plan and book your trip

Emirates is known to offer you more than the luxurious flight experience. You can find the ideal stay with Emirates around your desired destination. They do not operate alone on

these matters, they in fact are associated with to offer great deals to its customers for not only hotels, but also bed and breakfasts, and boutique guesthouses. You can book a hotel on its own or you can book it while booking your flight. You can add your hotel through their Manage your booking feature.

– Guides, tours and attractions

Activities are the centre of the travelling. Which is why you can now plan and book tours and activities near your desired destination with their partners Through that you can find the best deals on what to do while you travel to your desired destinations. Discover the unknown with these guides on unique things to do during your journey.  Through this you can get local guides, great prices, easy online booking, and skyward miles on every booking. To know more about guides, tours and other attractions.

– Travelling to the airport

The confusion and hassle around the fact that exactly how you will find transport once you reach your destination is unreal. Which is why Emirates goes an extra mile for its customers to ensure timely and safe travel to the airport and from the airport. You can rent a car or book a chauffeur driven service to and from the airport in over 75 cities. Along with that, you can also get their coach shuttle transfer between airports, especially in the UAE. Also, you can get these in selected destinations in Japan, North America, and Europe.

– Group travel

Travelling in a group can be full of hassle because the more people travel, the more their requirements will increase. Especially if you are travelling in a group of above 10 people. Instead, if you are travelling with Emirates, you can travel carefree and hassle-free. This will help you enjoy your travelling more and lessen your worries. With Emirates you can get group bookings, personalised services and help with visas too. Experience travelling in a group hassle-free and smoothly with Emirates. Also, Emirates will take care of everything whether it is check-in or take off.

– Manage your booking

Now, it might seem tough to manage your flight bookings, but apparently it’s super easy and manageable. With Emirates, you can edit your travel needs if required. You can also make changes in your chosen meals as per your needs. It is advisable to print and email your flight itinerary and change anything if required in your flight details. You can also get notifications for your flight status or for any disruptions. Along with that, you can also download your boarding pass on your phone if required. Not only that, if you check-in online then you can choose your seat for free.

If you are flying via Emirates, then you’ll get the best-in class in-flight experience. So why wait when you can enhance your travelling experience with Emirates.

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