Fast payouts – A new benchmark for casino customer service?

There’s a new type of casino site whose popularity is on the rise. This is the ‘fast payout casino’. And today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about these exciting sites.

We’ll explain what casino payout times are and how you can calculate them. Plus, we’ll be looking at how faster payout casinos work and why you should choose one.

Finally, we’re also going to answer the question: are instant withdrawal casino sites setting a new benchmark for customer service in the casino industry?

So, let’s dive straight in.

What are payout times?

Simply put, payout times refer to the amount of time it takes for a casino site to pay out any winnings to its players.

These payout times vary from site to site. And casinos have their own ‘pending’ or ‘approval’  periods, during which time they check that your details and the amount of winnings are correct.

Then, depending on the payment method that you use to receive your winnings, you may also experience further waiting times. For example, traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and debit cards can take up to a week to process. Whereas more modern payment platforms, such as e-wallets, can take as little as 24 hours.

So, in order to calculate your payout time, you need to take into consideration which payment platform you used and the individual casino’s waiting time.

What is a fast-payout casino?

As the name suggests, a faster payout casino is a site that offers players the chance to get their winnings in the fastest time possible.

These sites have reduced their own pending periods considerably. So, depending on the payment platform you use you receive your winnings, you could pick up your cash in under one day.

Aside from these quick cashout times, fast payout casinos are no different from any other casino site. They still offer an incredible selection of games, fantastic bonuses and great customer service. The only difference is, if you win a big fat stack of cash, you can get your hands on it a lot quicker than you would at other casino sites!

Why should you choose fast payout sites?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing one of these instant payout casinos.

Firstly, and quite obviously, you get your winnings quicker than at other sites. This is especially important if you have ear-marked your winnings for a special purchase or activity. Because you can relax in the knowledge that your winnings will come in quickly, with no waiting around.

Secondly, it’s a matter of principle. After all, you won that money fair and square. So the casino should not hold on to it for longer than is necessary. Because there’s no real reason for it.

Finally, fast payout casinos show customers that they appreciate their business with these quick cashout times.

If you’re interested in finding one of these incredible sites, then check out this list of casino sites with exceptionally fast payouts.

How do these fast payout casinos affect customer service?

The fact is, if you can get your winnings in under 24 hours, then really there’s no reason why you should have to wait around for any longer than this. Therefore, these best payout casino brands are a great example of 5-star customer care.

Additionally, as a player you are far more likely to return to a casino site that pays out quickly than one that doesn’t. And by paying out winnings quickly, the casino demonstrates that it values its customers.

Finally, fast payout sites clearly illustrate that it is possible to get your winnings quickly. And that they have a staff of professionals that are dedicated to processing your requests in the fastest time possible. Which, again, is a great show of customer service.


We believe that fast withdrawal casino sites will only continue to gain popularity. With players receiving their winnings in under 24 hours, these faster payout sites clearly demonstrate that it’s not necessary for casinos to hang on to your money for long periods while they process it.

Of course, it will still depend on which payment platform you use, as this will affect your overall waiting period (and there’s nothing the casino can do about this). As well as other factors, such as if you have correctly completed your KYC documents. So we’re not saying the process is guaranteed to give you your winnings in an instant. That said, these sites prove that long pending periods aren’t always needed.

Finally, treating your customers fairly by paying out winnings when requested is a fantastic show of customer service. And, in conclusion, we think that more faster payout casino sites will pop up over the coming years. As more players turn to these sites, where you can rely on receiving your winnings quickly and easily.

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