Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a gadget used most for cleaning workplaces like industries, hospitals, homes, factories, and shops. There are numerous types of vacuum cleaners available in the market worldwide and if you are not keen, you may end up spending your money on low-quality cleaners.

This article focuses on the things you should consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner in Kenya.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is a difficult task. It is important when it comes to choosing the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home or office. Sometimes you may get confused when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your office or home. Therefore, you need to consider the following things when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.


One thing you have to consider before purchasing a vacuum cleaner is to make sure you get the maximum time warrant in the market. Warranties can range from 2 years, 3 years to 5 years or more. In addition, vacuums with longer warrants are a bit more expensive.

Wet or dry vacuum cleaner?

Dry vacuum cleaners are designed for dry vacuuming. Its function is to suck dust particles and dirt into a container or collection bag varying on the type of vacuum cleaner. On the other hand a wet vacuum cleaner is suited with waterproof collectors to trap water and other liquids. Also, they contain a bucket system for storing solids and liquids separately.


Vacuum cleaner prices in Kenya may vary but it is important to search for the right cleaner before looking at the price range. Note that vacuum cleaners are made to serve a specific purpose and you should choose one that will serve you for a long time.

Suction Power

In order vacuum cleaner to clean effectively, it will need a minimum of about 100 air watts while cylinder vacuum cleaners need 200 air watts. In the cylinder, one must be able to drug dust particles through a greater distance, unlike upright cleaners. It is important to consider the overall performance of a vacuum cleaner before choosing one.

Height Adjustment Features

Manually adjustable vacuum cleaners clean thick carpets easily. The length of the roller brush can be increased according to the height of a carpet making cleaning and movement easier. Manually adjustable cleaners are long-lasting and best for huge floor or carpet cleaning.


Low-quality vacuum cleaners have a micro filter that can be cleaned or replaced. However, the best models have High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) that traps small particles e.g pollen. Cleaners with HEPA are the best and most convenient for people with asthma. Yet, the efficiency of these filters depends on the vacuum cleaner dust emptying system.

Collection Bag

Bagless vacuum cleaners are best compared with cleaners with bags because it is easy to see when the dirt compartment is full. The limitation of bagless cleaners is regular cleaning of filters to ensure the highest performance. The pros of bagless cleaners are that you do not need to buy bags for putting your dirt.

There are varieties of vacuum cleaners in the market, so it is important to know the performance and purpose of cleaners before buying one. The above factors will guide you when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

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