Factors to Consider when Buying a a Solar Battery

A solar battery is either a device big or small that is used to convert solar radiation from the solar panel into electricity.

There are small solar batteries that are used at home, they help run  household activities like lighting rooms, for security purposes and a lot more. These batteries are small and portable and are of great importance in our homes. The solar batteries that are large are used in big companies. They act as substitutes for electricity when they are out.

 Solar batteries either large or small are used in places that are remote mostly and also when electricity runs out. They come in handy in these situations. This system does not run out and is always available. In most occasions they are used as substitutes for electricity especially in hospitals, fire company, media company, banks and so many more.

Battery chemistry

As a consumer it is best to know the type of chemistry used in making the parts of the solar battery. One must read the manual provided to know the contents used in making the parts of the battery. One should consider that which is will save energy, can withstand to run energy at all times, can be efficient in losses.

Capacity and power

Well capacity is the ability or amount of energy a solar battery can store and discharge. As a buyer, one should be keen enough to see the capacity and power the battery can withstand. The seller must explain to the buyer that is you the power of the battery they are selling to you. One should consider a reasonable power and capacity from the battery.

Power rating

Every solar battery must have a power rating that allows a battery to reach maximum and prevent it from overcharging. This is the measure of how much the solar battery can deliver at once , it also determines the size of an individual electricity loads the solar battery can power. This is among the most consideration before one buys a solar battery.

Battery life and degradation

When a solar battery charges, it stores electricity if not in use when in use the charges are lost. All batteries come with warranty because all batteries wears off then one must replace it.


In every situation as a consumer, you need to have a cheap budget. Consider buying a cheap solar battery with the best storage capacity and warranty. Solar battery price in Kenya is one of the best companies in Kenya that offers cheap prices in their batteries. One should consider a battery that will be less costly.


When one item comes to the market there must be a lot of varieties. One should research on the varieties available in the market. One must go through the characteristics of these solar batteries so that they can choose the best variety.


To conclude, there are a lot of things as a consumer to check out before buying a solar battery for your home or your company. These solar batteries come in handy in situations that one does not expect when the major electricity runs out.

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