Factors determining the prices of industrial safety shoes in Kenya

Industrial safety boots, also known as safety shoes, are designed to protect workers’ feet against injuries. They are part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and must work to ensure the safety of an employee.

The following article describes the different prices of the Boots and the factors determining the variation of their costs.

It has become a legal requirement for industries to ensure that their workers have safety and wear them.

When buying safety boots, you will findthat different boots have different price tags. The following are factors that determine cost variation of safety boots.

Quality of the safety boots

Quality is a significant factor that affects the price of a safety boot. Different safety shoes are designed using other materials, therefore, making them of varying quality.  Considering the quality, safety boots are classified as high and low quality, where high quality are made of better materials than low ones, this having a high price tag.

The durability of the safety boots

The durability of a safety boot is determined by looking at the tread and outsole or material used in making it. It should have a robust andlong-lastingmaterial.  Furthermore, the shoes should have steel-cappedprotective reinforcement at the toe. Also, keep your boots clean and well maintained since this affects their durability.

The type of tread it is made of

Different safety boots have different  kinds of treads. Steel-toed, plastic-toed, and aluminum-toed are some of the types of tracks used in making a safety boot. This tread gives the boots variant designs and even objectives.

Aluminum-toed safety boots are cheaper than steel ones. This is because steel is durable and of good quality.

Purpose of the boots

Different boots are designed with various features to fit a specificpurpose or condition.  They are made with variant outsoles,treads, and traction to deal with various conditions, like for industries with sloppy floors require boots withmore minorimpressionto avoidslipping. Boots like that are relatively expensive when considering the aspects determining industrial safety boots price in Kenya.

The comfort of the boots

The worker should be comfortable when wearing safety boots. This should be a priority since working for more than five hours in uncomfortable shoesexhausts anddisturbs theemployee’s performance. A comfortable boot made with cushionsinside is expensive.

Style of the safe boots

Safety boots are designed in different styles. Some are long, others short, and others have different weights.

Other than price, style affects the flexibility of the worker. Choose the boot with your type of interest and goes in hand with your budget.

Longer boots may cost high since there are extra materials used to make them,and it takes more time in making them.


Some factors that determine the price of safety bootsare explainedin the articleabove.

A safety boot made with good quality has perfect comfort, excitingstyle, and durable materials that will always be expensive.

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