Explore the Dissimilarities Between Latex and Memory Foam Mattresses

Your existing mattress is making you feel uncomfortable. At night, it is unable to offer the needed support, to get revitalized for the next day. This means you wake up many times at night. Constantly toss and turn, so feel worn out and exhausted in the morning. 

You just yearn for a good night’s sleep, so one day you go and sleep in the guest room bed. In the morning, you feel properly rested. Now, you are certain that you need to upgrade the best mattress brands in your bedroom. So, plan to go mattress shopping as soon as possible.

Memory foam or latex – which is best?

Memory foam and latex mattresses are both different products. There are several key differences ranging from materials to responsiveness and accessibility of these mattress types. 

Explore the dissimilarities between latex and memory foam

The most exceptional distinction between both kinds of mattresses is the material used in designing them. Polyurethane used is made from several different chemicals. The added chemicals increase its viscosity and density, so is also referred to as visco-elastic polyurethane foam. 

Genuine visco-elastic PU foam comprises billions of open cells spherical in shape. These are designed to interact with body temperature and pressure points.  The memory foam softens when it comes in contact with body heat, thus causing the surface to conform to a specific body shape in a few minutes. Simultaneously, the open cells change their form under bodyweight pressure allowing the foam to contour and offer the necessary support. 

A memory foam mattress includes a comfort layer of memory foam above a regular foam base or memory foam can be employed as a core support layer. Moreover, open-cell structures in memory foam mattresses allow air to circulate freely through the material. 

Alternatively, latex foam is available in different types. They include –

Natural latex 

Milky white fluid extricated from Hevea Brasiliensis tree [rubber tree] is used to design natural latex foam. Natural latex foam has a springy feel and is very supportive. 100% natural latex mattress is rarely available. If you are fortunate enough to get one then it is extremely pricey because of the high cost of extraction and manufacturing. 

Synthetic latex foam 

Synthetically compounds made from chemical additives and petroleum-based oil are designed to copy the latex properties. In comparison to natural latex, synthetic variety has a duller and less bouncy feel. Several kinds of synthetic latex exist but the common type is Styrene-butadiene rubber [SBR]. A synthetic latex mattress is available easily and very cheap than the natural option. 

Blended latex foam 

It is a blend of natural [20%] and synthetic [80%] latex. Sometimes the blend is equal to 50% mix but basically, manufacturers prefer synthetic latex as major content with a small latex percentage to cut production costs. This is a cheap alternative to producing natural latex foam. This hybrid mattress is very common and fairly cheap. They are intended to offer a good balance of the two above-mentioned types concerning durability, quality, and money value.

Two main manufacturing processes are used in making latex. 

Talalay method 

Tree sap that is extracted from rubber plants is poured into a mold, partially and sealed. In a vacuum chamber, the remaining mold is filled with air. Before baking the mold is flash-frozen. This creates uniform density and a softer feel. It holds more air, so you remain cool all through the night. Ideal option for those, who cannot sleep in the hotbed.

Dunlop method 

Thick rubber sap gets whipped in froth and poured into the mold. The mold is filled, covered, and then baked. The result is foam with a light top and dense bottom. Dunlop method makes overall foam a bit firmer and does not sag. It is a good option because it tends to maintain its shape over time.


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