EXANTE Broker Donates $1 Million to UNICEF

Recently, global wealthtech company EXANTE donated $1 million to UNICEF, supporting the plight of children in the Ukraine and surrounding countries. The conflict in Ukraine has forced over 3.7 million people to flee the country, and the majority are women and children. As such, they are highly vulnerable to human exploitation and trafficking. The company hopes to continue its generous support of the UN agency. For more information on the EXANTE Broker’s charitable work, please visit the link below.

EXANTE Broker donates $1 million to UNICEF

The EXANTE Broker recently donated $1 million to UNICEF, the organization that supports children and families affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The money raised will provide lifesaving supplies to children and education programs to help protect children’s rights. Since EXANTE has a long history of supporting the UNICEF mission, the donation was well received. The organization has worked in a number of countries, including the United States, to provide relief.

The global broker EXANTE recently donated $1 million to UNICEF, a nonprofit organization that helps fight child malnutrition, war and other crises. The money will help UNICEF meet the urgent needs of children, including education programmes, medical care and safe water. This donation comes at a time when the world is facing the most challenging humanitarian crisis in history. While EXANTE has long backed the UNICEF mission, the money will help UNICEF continue their work in Ukraine.

While there are numerous ways to support the UNICEF mission, EXANTE has chosen to make its donation directly to the organization. UNICEF provides healthcare services in over 200 countries. This donation also helps with educational programs and life-saving supplies for displaced children. With its financial support, EXANTE puts itself in a category of its own that rivals Amazon and Apple. The UNICEF Foundation was founded in 1946, and provides basic human services to more than 200 countries worldwide.

EXANTE’s charitable work is one way to support the UN’s work in an environmentally friendly way. The brokerage company’s UX platform and customer support services provide a personal touch that goes beyond the usual financial service industry. Their representatives provide customer support in their native language, helping clients to communicate in their native tongue. Each client has an account manager dedicated to their needs. Clients can also contact the account manager directly 24 hours a day and receive a response within three minutes.

EXANTE Broker donates $1 to UNICEF

EXANTE Broker recently donated $1 million to UNICEF, a charitable organization that supports vulnerable children and families in the Ukraine and neighboring countries. The war in Ukraine has displaced over 3.7 million people, and over 90% of these individuals are women and children. Because of this, the families that have been displaced are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and exploitation. The funds will be used to assist these families in providing basic necessities.

Wealthtech’s EXANTE broker has donated $1 million to UNICEF, an organization that helps children in war-torn areas. The money will be used to meet the immediate needs of Ukrainian children and support educational programs in the region. This charitable act has been commended by many in the wealthtech industry, including many CEOs and founders of major companies. Here are some reasons why you should donate to UNICEF:

UNICEF is a global organization that supports health and education initiatives in over 200 countries. It provides life-saving supplies to children displaced by war. EXANTE also relies on other organizations to support its work. This is one of the many ways in which we can support this organization. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. We’d love to thank you for your donation. You can find EXANTE Broker at or at their corporate headquarters.

The company also provides personalized customer service and a centralized UX platform. This allows clients to communicate with their support staff in their native language. Each client is assigned a personal account manager and can contact them 24 hours a day. They will respond to your inquiry within three minutes. They also have a dedicated online help center with support representatives available seven days a week. You can even ask your personal account manager for help.

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