Everything We Need To Know About Live Dealer Games?

In an online casino, there are two kinds of casino games. In both types of games, you play against the casino house. The first one is the kind of game that is played against the computer. These are called Random Number Generator games(RNG) or Virtual Casino Games. The second one has a live dealer, a real person shuffling and dealing cards. These are called Live Dealer Games. There best online casino in India has both types of games.

However, in this article, we will look at what the live dealer games are? Are they better or worse than RNG games? And what are the things you should know before you play live dealer casino games? Along with answers to other questions.

Live Dealer Games: A necessity

Yes, do not be surprised when I say that the live dealer games came out of necessity. During the early days of online casinos, there were mostly RNG games on the internet. However, it was missing something. The land-based casino still had the edge over the online casino due to the human factor. We, humans, reciprocate well to other humans. We feel nice along with other humans than machines. We relate to each other better.

Therefore, to make the online casino experience more real, live dealer games came about.

Are Live Dealer Games Better?

Well, it depends on who you ask. There are people that feel very strongly about live dealer casino games being infinitely better than their RNG counterparts. However, they are also enough people that think the RNG games are much better than the live dealer ones.

However, one thing is for certain. Over the years, game houses and casinos have given special priority to live casino games more than RNG> The live games now run alongside sophisticated technology and the whole ordeal feels like you are at the casino when in fact you are in your bed at your home. The online casino industry has ironed out whatever wrinkle the live dealer games had to give a better user experience.

“Things to know before live dealer game”

One thing with the live dealer game is there are so many moving parts. There is a dealer speaking on the screen, you are given very little time to place your bets along with other things. RNG gameplay is much simpler in comparison. But for the seasoned gambler, a live casino is better as it is fast-paced.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, it’s better to first practice nicely in the RNG games with just you and the computer before moving on to the live games which have other players playing at the same table, against the dealer, alongside you. Therefore, beginners can get overwhelmed and end up making mistakes.

Does only card games have a live dealer?

No, not really. Other games besides card games have dealers too. For eg. Roulettes is not a card game yet has a live dealer. Similarly, dice game like Sic-Bo also has a dealer.

Along with these games, video jackpot games like Gonzo’s Quest have a live anchor as well to keep you company.

This was a little intro into what live dealer games are. Please read this article about live dealer casino VS RNG for a more detailed report. Make sure you choose the right casino to play your games in.

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