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Glazed entrance doors are often installed in private houses. And this is no accident. Glass lets light into the hallway and makes the interior brighter and more comfortable. However, how durable and safe is it? Will such doors cope with the cold? We will consider all this in the article.

The most significant concern is caused by the protective properties of such doors. Glass is usually associated with a fragile material that is easy to break.

But conscientious manufacturers install only special durable glass – tempered glass.

Another critical parameter is the thickness of the glass. Glass 40-50 mm or less will not provide a high level of security. It must be at least 70 mm thick.

The forged grill also provides additional protection for the glass. The lattice can be decorative and also perform an aesthetic function. However, modern door glass is as strong as steel.

Fastening a double-glazed part in the door

The strength of the glass itself is good, but it is essential to securely fix it in the door slab.

There are various ways of fastening. At Doors & More we sell the most reliable:

  • There is a metal profile inside the canvas.
  • The glass unit is laid in shape.
  • Fix the gaps.
  • Fasten with a clamping profile from above.

So the glass unit is deeply “recessed” in the slabs and firmly fixed. It cannot be squeezed out, prayed off, and removed from the door.

Thermal insulation

An especially relevant item for residents of private houses in regions with cold climates. The front door should protect from burglary and from cold and drafts. For this, modern metal doors have a thermal break. The thermal break prevents the outside of the door from transmitting cold to the inside.

But what happens when a double-glazed window is installed in the door? Everything remains exactly the same. There are no cold bridges between the internal and external double-glazed windows, and there is a thermal break in the canvas and the box itself. Therefore the door with the glass unit does not lose its thermal insulation properties.

Noise isolation

A private house is not always located far from the city’s noise. Sometimes, there is a noisy highway or railway next to the house. In this case, it is worth considering the soundproofing properties of the door.

A single-chamber double-glazed window in the front door will let noise into the house. The best option is a door with a three-chamber double-glazed window. With such a door, the house will be quiet and unnecessary sounds from the street will not bother you.

Glass door design

And this is the main advantage. Glazed entrance doors are a winning option for a private house. More light enters the hallway, and the facade itself looks aesthetically pleasing.

Glass in the door is an additional opportunity for design and creativity. You can choose classic options for a double-glazed window with various forged grilles or options in a modern style, tinted or transparent glazing.

Advantages of entrance doors with glass

Double-glazed doors are aesthetically pleasing, functional and have several undeniable advantages:

  • Aesthetic appearance.
  • Large selection of design solutions.
  • An additional source of natural light.
  • You can admire your beautiful area through the glass.
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance.

There is a large selection of design options at Doors & More: classically inspired by Italian and English doors and modern in the best traditions of minimalism.

Let’s summarize:

  1. The glass in the entrance door must be tempered, at least 70 mm thick.
  2. Glazed doors are in no way inferior in thermal insulation to other doors.
  3. The best sound insulation is provided by a three-chamber double-glazed unit.
  4. Such a finish opens up tremendous possibilities for the exterior and interior design of the house.

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