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Elegant Lighting Designs To Uplift The Aura Of Your Living Space

Home decor is an integral part of your personal identity and the way you furnish or decorate your living space speaks volumes about you. Expressing yourself through your home decor can be a tedious process, but we make this entire experience a piece of cake for you.

If you’ve been planning to rejig your entire lighting and decor or if you’ve been planning to give your home a much-needed makeover, then you’ve landed at the right place. Let’s take a quick look at what kind of elements you can include to enhance the ambience of your home.

Chandeliers: Hip and happening

Chandeliers are the pick of the season and have been dominating the home decor domain for a while now. This piquant piece of lighting blends in perfectly in any part of your home. Ideally, a chandelier must be at least 7 feet from the floor of the room and if you have that much space to spare, then you’re all set to make this elegant addition to your humble abode.

There’s a lot of myths associated with chandeliers and the biggest one is that they can only be installed in mansions and palatial houses. A chandelier can lend opulence to any and every home and you can always find one that suits your home. And another myth is that chandeliers are only fit for living rooms or dining rooms. This is absolutely not true and a chandelier can add a subtly grand look to any room you prefer.

Our picks of the season:

  1. Caesar’s Palace White Marble: Belonging to our Luxe Collection, this is definitely a piece to go for if you’re going all out for your home decor. This contemporary piece is one of our most splurge-worthy additions for the season. The adjustable white marble discs suspended by golden chains lend a dreamy yet graceful look to your space forming a cloud-like halo on your ceiling.
  2. Glow Miles: Another state-of-the-art piece from our Luxe Collection, Glow Miles lends an exotic flavour to your home. The best feature of this chandelier is that it resonates with your mood. Boasting a dimmable LED feature, you can adjust the brightness with remote control and make this beauty look as grand or as sober as you like.
  3. Road Trip: Not a big fan of something larger-than-life? Then Road Trip is the one for you. This minimalistic chandelier is a good fit for every nook and corner of your house. It can definitely blend perfectly with any kind of furnishing and home decor, be it in your living room, dining room or your bedroom too.
  4. Flower Power: Our bestselling chandelier is for people who don’t prefer unconventional home decor elements. Inspired by the spring bloom, this piece lends its euphoric spirit to your homes. Flower Power can be a good addition to your dining room, living room, bedroom or lounge too.

Table Lamps: Subtle yet striking piece of home decor

Table lamps have been slowly crawling their way into the spotlight and have emerged as the most sought-after home decor element of the season second to chandeliers. The White Teak Company boasts an extensive range of table lamps and you can choose from Ceramic, Gold, Luxe or the Marble collection. Be it your living room, dining room, bedroom or your lounge, here are our picks to lend elegance to your space…

  1. Pull the Plug: This elegant piece of lighting radiates a vintage yet modern look and is a perfect addition to your bedside table or your workspace too. Boasting a matte gold and black colour scheme, this is a must-buy if you want to add grace to any isolated corners of your home.
  2. Sweet Spot: Another one of our best-selling pieces, Sweet Spot is the most sober yet profound addition you can make to your bedside table. Offered with a coffee colour and a gold colour scheme, this unconventional twin-lighted is not just a visual treat but can also prove to be quite functional with its more than sufficient lighting.
  3. Miles of Smiles: A part of our Ceramic collection, Miles of Smiles is a bestseller because of its simplicity. Easy on the eyes, with a blendable and cheerful character, this table lamp becomes a must-buy as it can literally sit gracefully in any part of the house.
  4. Tea for Two: If you always prefer something unconventional, then Tea for Two is just for you. Despite its unorthodox appearance, it can sit pretty well in any corner of the home and lend its balmy mood to your space.

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