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Jumeirah Park is an expansive residential community which offers an upscale villa lifestyle. It’s situated in the middle of new Dubai. The high-end and famous freehold district is actually a family friendly development.

Boasting direct access to main roads and a safe environment, it includes 8 sub-communities consisting of only villas. Jumeirah Park stretches over 350 hectares and provides more than 2,000 huge, family-oriented villas. The neighborhood brims with greenery and peace. It’s very close to popular locations. Anyone can come here to relax after a long day.

Public Transportation

The closest Dubai Metro Station is DMCC. The nearest RTA bus is F31. Moreover, a bus stop is close to Meadows 6, demanding 7 minutes of drive.

Commute times by car from Jumeirah Park

  • To Midrif: 38 minutes
  • To Jebel Ali: 14 minutes
  • To Downtown Dubai: 23 minutes
  • To Dubai Marina: 12 minutes
  • To Dubai International Airport: 28 minutes
  • To Dubai Studio City: 18 minutes

Amenities and facilities

  1. Both eating and grocery shopping choices are available in The Pavilion.
  2. Community parks are in a close proximity.
  3. Different mosques are situated near the community.
  4. You can bring your four-legged friends because it’s a pet friendly community
  5. Medcare Medical Center and Mediclinic Meadows are only 10 minutes away
  6. Throughout the place, you’ll find cycling and jogging tracks
  7. Most of the students are enrolled in the Dubai British School
  8. 24-hour security is offered but it’s not a gated community
  9. Gyms and community clubhouses are scattered throughout

There are numerous nurseries alongside Jumeirah Park. Similarly, dentists and clinics in the proximity to Jumeirah Park are also available.


Constructed by the master developer Nakheel Properties, this community was completed in 2013 and it has served many families. It’s one of the biggest villa-only communities in Dubai and it’s situated behind Jumeirah Lake Towers. Moreover, it’s connected to Jumeirah Village Triangle and The Meadows.

The environment is very safe for families and children. All the families residing here enjoy a quiet serenity. But since public transportation is limited, it’s not an ideal community if you don’t have a private vehicle. You can easily enjoy the rest of Dubai since the distance to the hottest city’s attractions isn’t far.


Except for the people running errands, school buses and cars, you can enjoy a peaceful daytime. There is hardly any noise. Since it’s mostly families residing in the Jumeirah Park, the routine of the residents is similar to the people living in The Springs or The Meadows.

Many people leave for their workplace very early and the students go to school at that time too. The school buses arrive mid-afternoon and the workers return in the evening.


After a long and busy day, people can go to The Pavilion with their friends and family. This is a perfect place for dining and shopping. You will find the parents of young children and owners of pets enjoying a stroll in the community at dinner time. Many residents relax in the gardens after they return to their house.

Who lives here?

  1. People looking for a private and peaceful life
  2. Mostly families
  3. Couples wanting to start their own family
  4. Rich professionals

Since the Jumeirah Park includes only villas, it’s usually families living here. The villas are between 3 to 5 bedrooms which means families of all sizes can easily find their ideal space from anywhere around the world.

The villas are not linked together which makes it an ideal place to start or raise a family. The community feeling is very strong too along with the privacy of each residence which is why families dig this place. People belonging to various cultures and religions are living here.

You will find people from all walks of life with different religious beliefs. Therefore, temples, churches, and mosques are built for them which can be found either inside or very near to Jumeirah Park.

For rent and sale

The average rental costs of this community are mentioned below:

A 3 bedroom villa has an average price of AED 180,000

A 4 bedroom villa has an average price of AED 200,000

A 5 bedroom villa has an average price of AED 250,000

The average sales prices for properties in Jumeirah Park are listed below:

  1. A 3 bedroom villa has an average price of AED 3,000,000
  2. A 4 bedroom villa has an average price of AED 3,400,000
  3. A 5 bedroom villa has an average price of AED 5,000,000

Types of properties

Jumeirah Park is a villa-only community which is why each unit is detached and comes with it’s own plot of land. All villas boast different garden sizes. However, the gardens are usually spacious and they boost the privacy from the neighbors. There are no attached townhouses or villas in the community.

Jumeirah Park is itself constructed of 8 districts and features more than 2,000 detached and upscale villas. This community is home to a population of 10,000 residents and increasing rapidly.

There are 4 categories of villas in Jumeirah Park which are called Regional, Legacy, Heritage and Legacy Nova. Each category displays different styles varying from European to French to ethnic Arabian architecture details. The only downside of this development is that there is a lack of greenery, community swimming pools and parks which are so abundant in other communities. These amenities are so scarce that the residents have to struggle with sharing it.

Noise level

Jumeirah Park has no issue regarding noise pollution. This is why it’s the perfect place to live where the hustle bustle of the city does not disturb you. However, this serene and secure community is still within the driving distance to the main attractions and active nightlife of Dubai.

There is almost no nightlife in Jumeirah Park which means no noise will disturb you. The only sounds you will hear in this appealing community are of school buses, private vehicles of residents, children playing, pets and the routine community life.

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