Driving stability control systems

Vehicle equipment all standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the model series is described in this chapter. Therefore, equipment is also described that is not available in a vehicle, e. g., because of the selected optional equipment or country variant. This also applies for safety-related functions and systems.

Antilock Brake System ABSCheck the site Filmy god

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ABS prevents locking of the wheels during braking. The vehicle remains steerable even during full brake applications, thus increasing active safety. ABS is operational every time you start the en‐ gine. Brake assistant When you apply the brakes rapidly, this system automatically produces the maximum braking force boost. It thus helps to achieve the shortest possible braking distance during full braking. This system utilizes all of the benefits provided by ABS.

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Do not reduce the pressure on the brake pedal for the duration of the full braking. Drive-off assistant This system supports driving away on gradients. The parking brake is not required. 1. Hold the vehicle in place with the foot brake. 2. Release the foot brake and drive away with‐ out delay. After the foot brake is released, the vehicle is held in place for approx.

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2 seconds. Depending on the vehicle load, the vehicle may roll back slightly. Driving off without delay After releasing the foot brake, start driving without delay, since the drive-off assistant will not hold the vehicle in place for more than approx. 2 seconds and the vehicle will begin rolling back

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◀ DSC Dynamic Stability Control The concept DSC prevents traction loss in the driving wheels when driving away and accelerating. DSC also recognizes unstable vehicle conditions, such as fishtailing or nose-diving. Subject to physical limits, DSC helps to keep the vehicle on a steady course by reducing engine speed and by applying brakes at individual wheels.

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