Do qualifications mean you’re smart?

Does being educated and completing the qualifications such as A Levels online mean one is smart as well? Intelligence (being smart) and educated are correlated sometimes, but that’s not the case all the time! I am sure even you would have met some people who are really smart but have only completed minimal education or no education in some cases.

But if we talk about it in general terms, education does help one get smarter as long as it is the right type of education! I mean, you can be the smartest man in the world, but what good would that smartness do if you do not gain knowledge? I personally believe that education and qualifications are very important and can help one become smarter!

Another question that is also asked is if home study using various tools and resources is also equivalent to formal education or not? Once again, this just depends on how to keen an individual is about learning! As long as one wants to learn and gain knowledge, it doesn’t really matter whether one pursues the formal education route or the online learning route!

To conclude, people who reach a higher level of education also possess a higher IQ than those who do not possess any education. But once again, this is a fact that can be wrong at times and is not a guarantee!

So to answer the question, Qualifications can mean that one is smart, but in some cases, it is not true as well! To further explore this topic, let’s look at the advantages of education:

Advantages of Education

Let’s look at the advantages (benefits) of getting an education:

Hard Work

To succeed in life, there is no doubt that hard work is very important, and there is no way to skip that part! And by getting an education (formal or home study), one learns how to work hard through sports, work, exams, and so on.

Research Skills

Another benefit of education is that it teaches one valuable research skills, which can be really useful at any stage of life. Furthermore, having good research skills means that one can get smarter!

In order to collect valid information and to reach a conclusion, good research skills are important, and you get these from education!

How to Study

Learning how to study is an art, whether you believe it or not. And one of the best ways to learn how to study is at educational institutes! So by learning how to study, you also gain important skills such as time management, taking notes, and even taking breaks!


Do qualifications mean you’re smart? If you are gaining qualifications just for the sake of getting a certificate or a degree, then this statement might not be true. But if you are gaining qualifications for the sake of gaining knowledge and valuable skills, then yes! This means that you are getting smarter through education!

As mentioned earlier, educated people are those who have a higher IQ – This tells us that smart people tend to pursue education as well!

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