Discussion on surrogacy with different rates of surrogacy in Europe

Surrogacy has been in debate for quite some time. Moreover, in today’s world when female reproductive organs fail to bear a baby, it is only surrogacy that helps them have their baby. Furthermore, everyone desires to have their baby and surrogacy helps all those people who have this wish. Many people asked us how to find a good quality surrogacy service – they asked a leihmutter gesucht. We want to describe a full road map for a short way to get the best results.

Besides that, there are countries where surrogacy is not allowed and those countries are as under:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • France
  • Sweden

However, there are also some countries where surrogacy is permitted at the official level and those countries are as under:

  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Poland
  • Russia

However, there are certain restrictions imposed on the rest of the European countries.

Aside from that, the list of the countries goes on where either surrogacy is permitted or not. It is important for people and price for service – this leihmutter kosten is different in different countries. See below for details.

Besides that, we will tell you more about the price of surrogacy in different European countries.

Great Britain

The first country on the list is Great Britain where surrogacy is allowed but not allowed on a commercial basis. On a commercial basis, surrogacy is prohibited in the country. Apart from that, however, even though surrogacy is not allowed on a commercial basis, the surrogate mother is compensated for the services she has rendered. Moreover, the compensation that the surrogate mother is given is £12,000 to £15,000.


The next country on the list is Denmark where the surrogate mother costs a hefty amount for the services she provides. Besides that, if you use your eggs then surrogacy costs you around $50,000. Even more, if you need an egg donor then surrogacy at this point will cost you $60,000. Besides that, you have to pay separately for the legal services, and still, there is no guarantee if the procedure is successful.

The Netherlands/Holland

Another country on this list is the Netherlands/Holland. Moreover, in this country, advertisement or sponsorship of surrogacy is not at all allowed at any cost. Besides, there are a lot of medical restrictions in these countries. Also, surrogacy costs around $54,000 in these countries and still there is no guarantee whether the procedure is going to be successful or it will be a failure. However, the surrogate mothers in this country are those who have just migrated to the country and cannot settle down for any other reason rather than becoming a surrogate mother and earning through that. 


If you are looking for a country where surrogacy is extremely cheaper then you must go to Greece and get your surrogacy services from there because surrogacy in Greece is only $20,000. But one pitfall regarding surrogacy in Greece is that the legislation prohibits the use of reproductive technology. Apart from that, this leads to a lot of inconveniences and also shatters the confidence of the future parents to take their child to their resident country.


Belgium is a country where there is no such law regarding surrogacy and there is no legal guarantee for the success of the event. It all depends on your luck. However, surrogacy in Belgium costs you around €54,000.


Reproductive service is legal in Russia. Furthermore, the future parents need to spend approx $45,000-60,000 on a surrogate mother to have a baby.


Surrogacy is officially permitted and it may cost you around €35,000. Aside from that, some other pitfalls make the couple ambiguous about availing surrogacy service from Georgia. Even more, this depends on the couple whether they want to go for this service or not.


Ukraine on the other hand is an amazing country if someone wants to opt for surrogacy from there. Aside from that, surrogacy is legal in this country and the regulation law has also been passed. Apart from that, this reproduction method costs the couples around €28,500 which is the lowest amount of surrogacy as compared to other countries of the world. Not only is it the lowest price this country offers for surrogacy but the quality the Ukraine clinics offer is beyond expectation. People who have chosen or will choose Ukraine for getting surrogacy done from this country will choose the best option because Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy.

The Ukraine surrogacy clinics offer a wide range of packages that couples can choose from. Meaning, the couple is not left with only one option as there are plenty of options available for them and they can choose any one of them as per their desire.

Final results

Surrogacy is different in different countries. Besides, some countries allow surrogacy on legal terms while some countries on the other hand strictly prohibit the surrogacy procedure. Apart from that, some countries have no laws regarding surrogacy so this service is ambiguous in those countries. 

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