Different Types of Men’s Glasses for Fashion

We have been talking about female fashion and its styles. But are men left behind in the fashion industry? Can they compete with females with their unique styles and fashionable outfits? Well, yes, men are equally stylish and can be a great competition to women.

When we talk about styles, we are not only talking about the way they dress up with their outfits, but also we talk about the accessories that they wear and the way they drape them. There are various accessories for men that they can wear and style accordingly. One of them is glasses.

Glasses Frames for Men

While we talk about glasses frames for men, there are various options for women. Women style with different glasses with their outfits and look stunning. They look very stylish and classy wearing different frames. When the same thing comes to men, they look cool and handsome wearing different pairs of glasses.

When the glasses were first made, they were made for men only. Men used to wear the newly discovered glasses which were initially used to protect the eyes only and help in the vision for the reading. But slowly and gradually different other frames were discovered for men but the round glasses did not lose their charm and continue to be one of the coolest pairs of glasses for men.

Different frames for men are as follows:

  • Round Glasses- Let us start with the timeless fashion accessory for men, the round glasses. Round glasses are one of the oldest frames of glasses that were made only for reading purposes. This frame is one of the iconic frames and is worn by various celebrities. There are various divisions of round glasses that made them even more famous among men.
  • Full-rimmed glasses- Glasses like that of Harry Potter and Lennon are considered to be full-rimmed round glasses. The only difference lies in the fact that the Harry Potter glasses were sleek black round glasses slightly bigger in size, whereas when we talk about Lennon glasses, they are round glasses but smaller in size. These people became famous for their looks along with their profession.
  • Rimless glasses- We all know who Steve Job was. He was the one who wore glasses throughout his lifetime. The type of round glasses that he wore was rimless round glasses. He also became famous for his looks with rimless round glasses.
  • Half-rimmed round glasses- Half-rimmed round glasses are classy and are fit for everyday wear with formals and business casuals. These glasses are suitable for everyone who wants things to be simple and classy. The lightweight frames make the person feel light and also make the person very comfortable with the accessory that he is wearing.
  • Aviator Glasses- The exclusive frames for men are the aviator glasses. These glasses were made keeping in mind the men’s profession and were typically known as men’s glasses. They were made for the pilots and the navy to focus on their profession and also to block the glare that causes disturbances in their professions. They were first available as sunglasses and later on were available in glasses. Aviator glasses look the best on the square, heart, and oval face shapes people. They look best with any casuals and are a perfect party-fit pair of glasses.
  • Clear Glasses- Clear glasses are one of the trending pairs of glasses of recent times. The not so colourful glasses have a unique feature to make the person look more attractive and smart. Clear glasses are one of the smartest pairs of glasses for men. These glasses do not add much to the facial features but still make the person noticeable among people. If one wants to have a pop of colour in their glasses, can go for the nude shades of the glasses. This will make them highlight their facial features a little. They are mostly suitable with any light coloured outfit, especially casuals.
  • Square Glasses- The rectangular or square glasses make the person look bold and confident. They can wear these glasses anytime and anywhere. These glasses are suitable for every outfit. The glasses come in various sizes depending on the face shape of the person. These glasses are suitable for all face shapes. They are also available in different colours and rims.
  • Tortoiseshell Glasses- The tortoiseshell glasses make the person look bold and confident. Smart glasses make the person look smart too and are suitable for every outfit they wear. They can be worn in business meetings and also can be worn at casual parties. These glasses are available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Oversized Glasses- Unlike clear glasses, oversized glasses are also very much in trend for both men and women. Men wearing these glasses look cool and smart and are most suitable with casuals. Oversized glasses are available in almost every variation and are suitable for every man. The geometric pairs of oversized glasses are great and very comfortable to wear.
  • Retro glasses- Are you a nostalgic person who loves to have nostalgia in life? Then you cannot miss trying these pairs of retro glasses. The retro glasses give a perfect feel of nostalgia and wearing them will take you back to the retro era where people were especially known for their fashion styles. And oversized glasses were also worn during that time. Retro glasses are most suitable with the formals but can also be worn with the casual to create a casual retro look. Men look the best with the retro pair of glasses.
  • Brow Bar Glasses- Brow Bar glasses are famous since the time celebrities wore these glasses and popularised them among people. These glasses have an upsweep at the upper part with a round shape frame. These glasses come under the half-rim category and are loved by people. These glasses had lost their charm for some time but are now back again with a bang. The brow bar glasses were worn by various male celebrities and hence they became famous since then. These glasses are now again in fashion and are worn by most men. They are suitable with almost every outfit, be it formals or casuals. They go best with any black outfit as they make the person more noticeable among people.
  • Rimless Glasses- Rimless glasses have always been considered reading glasses. People who need reading glasses used to opt for these frames. But not anymore! Rimless glasses are now worn as a great fashion accessory for men. These glasses are available in various shapes and sizes, including oversized glasses. All men of almost every age group look smart and handsome wearing these glasses. Rimless glasses are used for different purposes.

The above are some of the glasses for men. There are ample glasses choices for men which makes them look smart and handsome. They can style differently wearing different pairs of glasses for different purposes and can create tough competition for females in the fashion industry.

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