Different Career paths for Digital Marketing in Bangalore

As Digital Marketing expands rapidly, it is the right time to explore different career opportunities in the field based on your experience and specialties. It will give you a straightforward way for your career after completing Digital Marketing Certification in Bangalore.


Search engine optimization, or SEO marketing, is one of the most common and in-demand skills in the digital marketing sector. In essence, SEO marketing is all about planning and creating content that will rank well in search engines when customers search for brand-related inquiries and searches that are relevant to their sector.

On the other hand, SEO is more than just picking the proper keywords to include in your text. Today, SEO involves many issues, including page usability, website speed, mobile accessibility, and more.

Entry Level – SEO Specialist:

An SEO specialist examines and implements modifications to a website’s code and content to increase traffic from search engines.

Mid Level – SEO Manager:

In this position, you will be in charge of overseeing and discussing all aspects of the company’s organic search and SEO efforts. An SEO Manager is typically in close contact with the marketing team and is in charge of increasing organic traffic and enhancing search engine rankings.

Senior Level – Digital Marketing Director:

As you develop in your career, you may oversee an entire department dedicated to digital marketing, including all forms of content used to engage customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a rapidly increasing segment of digital marketing that may be a valuable weapon in a company’s marketing armory. In this specialty, you will create content and advertising strategies for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to increase client interest and engagement. You can learn these skills during your Digital Marketing Certification in Bangalore and get a job in Bangalore.

Entry Level – Social Media Specialist:

A social media professional may generate, post graphic and written material on behalf of their client on their social media handles. They’ll also design social media plans that align with the marketing department’s and company’s overall objectives. This position often necessitates excellent communication skills as well as knowledge of analytics technologies.

Mid Level – Social Media Manager:

After a few years, you can consider moving up to a mid-level position as a social media manager. Professionals in this position typically make critical decisions about a company’s social and engagement strategies across platforms. Social media managers are usually in charge of building a brand’s distinct voice, planning and measuring the performance of social campaigns.

Senior Level – Communications Director:

A communications director at the senior level uses their significant experience to spell out its long-term strategy and vision, promote new ideas, and provide advice to the entire team. They’re also in charge of public relations messages and media events.

Email Marketing

Even though social media marketing receives more media attention, email marketing remains a perfect part of modern business. Email marketing helps to maintain and grow business relationships by giving value to customers and increasing company engagement. It can boost sales by disseminating targeted information that caters to its customers’ requirements and interests.

Entry Level – Email Marketing Specialist:

An entry-level email marketing specialist might build and execute email marketing campaigns, design email messages, expand a company’s email database, and communicate with other marketing team members. It is to ensure that their tactics align with the business’s overall priorities and goals.

Mid Level – Marketing Research Analyst:

As a marketing research analyst, you can dig further into the facts and outcomes supplied by email marketing campaigns and perform A/B testing. You’ll test different messages with different segments of your consumer base to see which ones resonate the most. Professionals in this position are usually also in charge of keeping a close watch on industry developments and competition.

Senior Level – Digital Marketing lead:

Conceptualizing, creating, and managing marketing initiatives that promote a client’s brand or products is the responsibility of digital marketing leads. Aside from campaign planning, these high-level executives are also responsible for spotting marketing trends and tracking success (or failure) efforts.

Content Marketing

On all digital frontiers, from a brand’s social media channels to its website, content marketers develop relevant, fascinating, and timely information that appeals to and engages customers. However, promotional ad copy isn’t the only type of content that is used. This type of marketing frequently includes educational and instructive articles, whitepapers, and other written material that promotes a brand as a thought leader in its industry. This skill needs actual content creating passion, and the rest are taught during Digital Marketing Certification in Bangalore.

Entry Level – Marketing Copywriter:

For a company’s website or blog, a copywriter generates snappy, helpful content. In this position, you would create appealing, informative, and creative content that appeals to customers, delivers beneficial information, and drives sales using a company’s style guide and established brand voice.

Mid Level – Content Strategist:

Content strategists are mid-level marketing professionals in charge of designing and maintaining editorial calendars, style guides, and content strategy research. There is also the chance of supervising staff and freelancers and guaranteeing the quality of all content produced.

Senior Level – Content Manager:

As a senior content manager, you’d be in charge of building a brand’s online identity by creating and distributing written and multimedia material. Content managers are team leaders in charge of designing an overarching content strategy and monitoring the content marketing team’s execution.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A conversion rate optimization (CRO) expert can design the flow and structure to improve conversion and interactivity. Unlike SEO, conversion optimization isn’t primarily concerned with increasing the number of visitors to the site. CRO professionals, on the other hand, seek to make each encounter more useful.

Entry-Level – Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist:

As an entry-level employee, you might collaborate with site designers and other marketers to boost client engagement. To increase the conversion % for website and social media visits, you’d use UX (user experience) design tactics, web analytics, and essential metrics.

Mid Level – Digital Marketing Specialist:

As a mid-level digital marketing specialist, you may acquire vital insights about your customers, craft campaigns to boost customer engagement and brand exposure, and promote lead acquisition across digital platforms.

Senior Level – Senior Marketing Manager:

As a senior marketing manager, you would oversee your team’s efforts to promote the brand effectively, analyze KPIs, foster creativity, and offer a long-term strategic vision to increase engagement and connection.

After completing your Digital Marketing Certification in Bangalore, you can begin in any of the above job roles at the entry level.

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