Destiny 2: Top 5 Best Exotic Weapons Tier List

Destiny 2 has an ever-growing weapon arsenal with new expansions and patches. This also means that the meta is constantly changing, and players can’t get used to deciding which weapons to play with. Exotic weapons in Destiny have long been among the most sought-after things in the game, dating back to Destiny 1. We will now review the top 5 best Destiny 2 weapons suitable for meta with you.

You can buy these exotic weapons from Xur by completing your quests, completing your campaign missions, or you can get them from completely random drops. Each exotic weapon has its own way of obtaining and perks.

There are some hard-to-get weapons in the game that require long quest lines or challenging adventures. Thanks to our professional and expert team that provides boost services, we complete the quest lines of powerful weapons, such as the Destiny 2 Divinity weapon, in the shortest time possible and deliver you to the loot you want. This process typically takes hours, but with our help, it can be completed in a maximum of 1-2 hours.

1. Hawkmoon (PvP)

Let’s start our list with Hawkmoon, which is in last place. As Destiny’s old fans know, this old weapon was brought back to its fans with the Beyond Light expansion of Destiny 2. In PvP, this Hand Cannon shines, rewarding players who can string together a series of headshots. Each headshot in a turn stacks to deal bonus damage on the last turn, resulting in massive damage. When this perk is combined with stellar stats, Hawkmoon manages to become the top-tier Hand Cannon in Destiny 2.

To get this weapon, players must take a trip to the Tangled Shore and complete the questlines. Here they must find Spider’s lair and take their quest. This mission is called “As The Crow Flies.” Your first mission to obtain this weapon begins by finding the shiny feathers scattered throughout the galaxy.

2. Anarchy (PvE)

Arguably the greatest and most powerful Power weapon on the list is Anarchy. They stand out a lot, especially in the PvE part of the game. This is due in great part to its stats, but it also has a fantastic perk that allows it to adhere its grenades to surfaces. This makes hitting more enormous bosses a breeze and, at times, makes these weapons feel like a Rocket Launcher.

Anarchy weapons are more accessible to obtain than others. It was possible to obtain these weapons from raid drops for a long time, but with an update, that became possible. Now you can get these materials from the Exotic Kiosk in the tower.

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 150,000 Glimmers
  • 2 Ascendant Shards
  • 240 Spoils of Conquest

3. The Last Word (PvP)

The Last Word is another highly preferred Hand Cannon on our list, and it’s an excellent option for PvP players. Additionally, this weapon has managed to become the highest-rated weapon for the Crucible. It has succeeded in placing it in third place on our list of such successful and powerful weapons.

This weapon shoots in full automatic mode. Hip-fire shots increase reload speed and accuracy while dealing additional precision damage. This weapon also has a Hip-Fire Grip that increases accuracy, stability, and precision. This weapon is also a Kinetic weapon, which is perhaps why it is so popular.

There was a questline that offered The Last Word lore and led to its acquisition when it was initially introduced in 2019. This powerful and unmerciful Hand Cannon is currently available through an exotic engram, which players can receive from random exotic drops.

4. Trinity Ghoul (PvE)

When you say Combat Bow, most Destiny 2 players think of Trinity Ghoul, the most powerful and mighty bow in the game. This awesome Combat Bow came to Destiny 2 with the Forsaken expansion and has been among the best ever since.

Because the arrows split into three when released, it’s a good choice for bringing down a massive group of mobs. It also includes some lightning chaining, which aids in the clearing of waves. So we can say that there is nothing better than Trinity Ghoul in multiple kills. Using ARC damage, this weapon is among the most popular meta-appropriate weapons in Destiny 2.

The weapon is gained by an exotic engram, which may be found in different Destiny 2 activities as a random exotic drop.

“I couldn’t afford to miss. Not when it was his life on the line.” —Marin Mansanas, Tangled Outrider

5. The Lament (PvE)

The last weapon on our queue list, namely the ball, is in the gun. This weapon takes its place in Destiny 2 as the most powerful weapon keeping up with the meta in the game. The Lament is a ruthless beast and the indispensable love of DPS players. It has abilities that allow you to be revved up, and it deals massive bonus damage. Thanks to these outstanding features, it is highly desired and highly demanded.

To obtain The Lament, you have to follow and complete a quest line called “Lost Lament.” Finding dead exos around Europa is the most time-consuming aspect of this quest. Otherwise, there are multiple stages to this quest, but after you’ve seen those dead exos, it will be more tiresome than tough.

However, we think it’s worth completing this questline for this extraordinary weapon, however long and tiring it may be. Which weapon appeals to you more? Decide and fight alongside them in the exciting world of Destiny 2!

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