Cyberbullying and How it Affects Children

The utilisation of the internet and digital devices like mobile phones, computers, tablets are rapidly increasing among children. Students require the internet and gadgets more often as these tools assist them in assignments, projects, and other school activities. However, as the use of these devices increase, so does the risk of cyberbullying and الابتزاز الالكتروني among children. ابتزاز can leave the children terrified and depressed. Cyberbullying takes a massive toll on the mental health of children and has several adverse effects.

Low Self-Esteem

People are usually bullied regarding the things they already feel insecure about. When the same issue is highlighted and made fun of on online platforms, it leaves the child with low self-esteem. Children start to question their worth and value. It is extremely difficult for them to find confidence and accept themselves as who they are. Cyberbullying causes immense psychological damage and immensely reduces the well-being of children.


Bullies often team up to criticize people. Anyone who helps the child getting bullied is also subjected to oppression. Hence the bully-victim is left alone and excluded. Having friends is necessary for mental well-being at this age. Other students avoid befriending the child who is frequently the victim of bullies. This leaves the victim isolated and also affects his cognitive development.

Fear and Powerlessness

Victims of cyberbullying find themselves feeling vulnerable and powerless. Cyberbullying can invade their personal space as it can be done through computers or mobile at any time of day. As a result, victims do not have any safe place where they can escape. Cyberbullying can occur anonymously. The victim might not know his bully. This causes the victim to live in constant fear.

Academic Problems

Kids who are victims of frequent cyberbullying by their schoolmates lose interest in academic activities. They find it hard to face their bullies and other students in general. They could feel humiliated if some private conversations were made viral by bullies. Such students often skip school to avoid confrontation. They are absent more often. This affects their studies. They also do not take part in other school activities because of their low self-esteem.

Suicidal Thoughts

After being constantly tormented by their peers online, the victims of cyberbullying do not have any other way to channel their anger and hatred rather than themselves. Victims of bullying often engage in self-harming activities. They feel hopeless and find suicide as the best possible way to end all their miseries.

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