The first-ever case of Covid-19  was reported was in Wuhan, China. It was brought into the light by the World Health Organization on 31st December 2019. From there on within a few months, people all over the globe were infected with Corona Virus.

Since this is a new virus, no cure for it had been devised. The vaccinations did help a little but they are not the ultimate cure. Furthermore, since the virus was not heard of before, detection of its symptoms was tough as well. It is still hard to tell if a person is infected by covid or not without proper testing.

Impact of Covid-19:

Covid has its impacts on several aspects such as food, Public health, education, and business.

  • This pandemic has affected the entire food system with countries closing off their borders to one and another, trade restrictions, confinement measures. The farmers can not get access to the markets, they can not even farm their crops thus causing domestic and international food supply chains.
  • Uncountable businesses face an existential threat and millions of people lost their livelihood. This caused an increase in the world’s unemployment rate. Informal economy workers are specifically vulnerable because they do not get any social protection, access to quality health care and can lose access to productive assets easily.
  • This in turn has affected students in the educational sectors, with losing their jobs came financial crises. Many dropped their classes while others resorted to hiring Cheap Assignment Writing Service in UK to save their courses. Many of them availed some credible dissertation service to secure their academic year.

How Are Doctors Helping Others Combat Covid-19?

Doctors are an important part of a functional response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They acquire vital roles in diagnosis, contentment, and treatment. Moreover, their commitment towards treating their patients who are infected by this virus is essential for a successful public health response.

Duty of the Doctors:

According to moral theory, multiple reasons have been offered for the view that the doctor should provide to the patients of covid-19 as well as any other disease outbreaks as it’s his/her duty.

However, in the current epidemic doctors are subjected to risk of illness, death, exhaustion from extended hours, moral distress, and potential legal as well as professional risks when being asked to work more than their capacity. Not only that, they need to take care of their families too. So people should ease their work by wearing and using protective gear.

If doctors are there to help you, do your best to ease things for them as well.

How Are Students Helping In Combating Covid-19?

Students are helping other people to fight against this virus in multiple ways such as

Food Shopping for Vulnerable Public:

Those students who do not have any long-term disease or are pregnant are the ones fit for helping out others. Students are helping out those people who can not leave their houses. They shop and run errands for them.

Staying in Touch With Phone calls:

Now in isolation, people are feeling lonelier than ever especially elderly people. Students are now accompanying them by calling them or a vulnerable person on their phone and conversing with them.

Volunteering In a local food bank:

Students have signed up to volunteer in food banks to help sort and pack donations in the foodbank’s warehouses. They are also collecting donations from the supermarket and delivering food to people’s doorsteps.


Some students are also actively participating in donating money to the Covid-19 relief funds. Their donations go to those people who can not afford their necessities due to the loss of their livelihood in this pandemic.


Perhaps the biggest way that students help fight against covid-19  is by adapting to learning online.

Curses are difficult and it’s preferable to have physical classes , students have been learning through physical classes for uncountable years. For all of that to just be replaced by an entirely different teaching medium and environment in months, it required a lot of adjusting, and the Skilled Students compromised on their education delivery just to help combat against covid-19.

Tesla Comes to The Rescue!

One can simply not recount the accomplishments of technology over the years and not mention Tesla Brand. One has to be living under a rock if they have not heard of it.

Manufactures the Tesla Cars, Elon Musk, and his team came just in time when the USA was suffering from a lack of medical facilities for Covid-19 patients. When the USA government had appealed to aerospace technology and automakers business to produce medical equipment, Tesla bought ventilators from China and imported them to States.

This relieved the government of the USA from its worries to some extent. This contribution helped in saving multiple lives.


Understanding the impacts of covid-19 on the world helps a person empathize with others and look out for themselves. Moreover learning how doctors, students, and major companies helped in fighting against the virus one can easily realize the importance of coordination in a society.

“Let’s all become a helping hand”

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