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Can you use Google Contacts as your principal contact manager PC? And whatever the heck is getting on with it? Since if we are now to be completely good, it’s type of a mystifying tool. One of the easiest tools on the world, our contact manager PC. Anywhere we store up our individual emails and email statements and phone numbers and sending addresses of our emails.

Zoho creator is a new-age low code builder where we use a drag-and-drop interface to drag elements drop them build our workflows and deploy app quickly it is targeted for both developers and non-developers. How you can build a simple contact form without the help of any coding. so, let’s get started with those steps in our contacts app the basic purpose of a contacts app is to do away with paper and spreadsheets this contacts app will have five features the first is that we will create a contact form in which we will be inputting all the details information about your.

Employees or contacts the second is that we will access the app in the live mode and check how to input information into this form the third is that we will make this form live so that we can publish the link anywhere in our Facebook or social media profiles and ask our contacts to put their information themselves the fourth is that I’ll share the app with our employees. They can edit their information themselves and in the fifth the employee would be able to check their reports where they can find their information so let’s get started with each of this feature step by step we will now log into creator dot Zoho dot com where I’ll be building the first form and that is to add contacts.

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Classic version of Gmail

This before you is the classic version of Gmail before we got the recent update to Gmail.  But this is what we’ve looked at for years and years as far as managing our email.

A come first and then the B, hit done and then when you go and reload the app your report name has changed. There are no more data the sorting is not working but this is how form look like and we will now move on to the next feature in the third feature we will be publishing the form so that people who do not have a login user ID need not login to creator to access the form this form would be publicly available to everyone who can access the link now that our contact form is done I will show you how we can publish it and make it live publishing a form instead you do not need a login anyone who has the link can access this form and this will be very useful if you want to publish your contacts form in your websites or in your Facebook profiles anywhere so first up what we do is we go to settings. We go to users and controls and publish here you haven’t published anything yet.

Now on your phone if you are on an Android phone

it’s easy to combine Google Contacts into your Android phone because Google is Android. Here is the process of making sure that your contacts are available to you on the iPhone. Just Edit workspace where we’ll be creating our forms or workflows are settings creator has so many modules that we have designed separately. We have our workflows and settings I’ll create a new phone. I will name it as my contacts form now how can we create a from we can either created from blank we can import our data if we have been using separate excels we can use one of the business templates that we have of which contacts is also one or we can integrate with our existing apps I’ll go for a blank form and I’ll name it as new contact this is our form builder where we will be dragging and dropping this data fields that we have and we will create our form one by one so for my contacts first I want to have their personal information. I will go down and drag the section from here this section field to create separate sections for my contacts, so I name this section is personal information once I know the section. I want to know the name of my contact next. I want to know their email I want to know their address.

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