Complete Guide to Buying Second Hand Activa in Bangalore

Scooters have captured a vast portion of the Indian two-wheeler market. With new features, enhanced engines and stylish looks, the new-age scooters are indeed worth a shot! In this range, the Activa series by Honda Motor Company leads most people’s first preference list. The craze for this vehicle is on another level when it comes to purchasing a stylish yet power-packed performance scooter in the market. The only concern is that its high-end market demand keeps its on-showroom price at its peak.

Yes, it is one of the few pricey scooters that may seem far from reach for people who run their monthly expenses on a tight budget. Therefore, the most redeeming alternative is to buy a second hand Activa in Bangalore at a reasonable price. The long-term transportability of this vehicle does not leave any loopholes for people to worry about their choices! So, how can one find the best deal in the second-hand market? Well, one can start with the online platforms. Let us look at the steps one needs to take to buy a used Activa in the city. Understand the procedure using this simple guide and note all the insights that may help purchase the most suitable scooter.

The mileage and performance of the new Activa models are highly impressive for standard commuters!

Choose The Best Market Setup To Purchase Used Activa

The market set-up one chooses to buy second hand Activa in Bangalore affects his purchasing experience to a great extent. Both these available options have different features to offer. Although most buyers move with their personal preferences, it is better to know which market has what to offer!

Things Offline Market Offers

A buyer has to hover around the offline market and visit one old vehicle store to another. One may also make contacts and get in touch with independent sellers to check the condition of the scooter and find the best one available.

Things Online Market Hosts

The online market hosts a more convenient and transparent platform to purchase second hand Activa in Bangalore. Buyers can visit the leading portals, go through the information of the scooter and pick the most suitable one available.

Factors To Consider Before Making The Purchase

A well-informed buyer is likely to make a wise decision and purchase the most suitable scooter. Here are a few factors that every buyer should consider before purchasing his preferred vehicle.

Physical Condition of The Scooter

Verifying the physical condition of the bike stands as the priority of every second-hand buyer. One should look for dents, indents or any possible damage on the vehicle. Repairing these parts can cost a fortune to a person who wants to go for a used bike to save some bucks!

Internal Condition of The Vehicle

An inspection report of the vehicle can explain the internal condition of a second hand Activa in Bangalore. One needs to verify how well the first owner has maintained his bike. From the engine, clutch and brakes to the fuel tank and silencer, every part has to be checked carefully. This part ensures that the scooter will give a good on-road service after the purchase.

Documentation & Paperwork

Once the buyer selects the vehicle that justifies all the said grounds, he must demand the original documents of the vehicle with a duly signed copy of the transfer deed from the owner. All this paperwork is essential to get the vehicle named after the new owner.

On-Road Performance of The Bike

Lastly, a buyer should look out for the possibility of a test run to examine the on-road performance of the bike. If it offers a smooth ride, one can go on to invest his money on the second hand Activa. Some online platforms also offer this service.

Mechanics can refurbish a bike or scooter to upgrade its condition for better performance.

Available Payment Methods That Buyers Can Try

The popularity of the Honda Activa is no less than a milestone for any scooter range in this market. When it comes to its second-hand editions, a buyer can make reasonable payments and get his favorite scooter home. Here are the most popularly used options for all buyers.

One-Time Payment Option

Whether it be online portals or offline sellers, the demand for second hand Activa in Bangalore payments is always through a one-time method. Buyers can either pay in cash, cheque or NEFT to clear the transaction at once.

Used Bikes EMI Option

In some cases, a buyer may be lucky enough to find EMI options available on leading online platforms. It can either be an independent service hosted by the platform, or one can avail of the banking services provided under this program.

Ways To Discover The Finest Online Platform

How can one discover the best online platform for the online purchase of a second hand Activa in Bangalore? Just following a few simple steps can help one get the headway!

  • Search for the leading online platforms that deal in old bikes and scooters locally. The well-integrated channel of these portals helps one go through numerous options on a single dashboard.
  • Compare all the listed bikes or preferred scooters thoroughly.
  • Rely upon the portal that lists all the required information and details related to the vehicle online without any secrecy or misleads.

The Final Say

Second hand Activa in Bangalore is a great choice for people looking for an affordable and high-performance scooter. Buyers just need to follow a thorough screening process and identify opportunities that can help them make the most profitable deal! Go through all the latest information given online to compare the available options. Also, one should not commit the silly mistake of taking just the price of the vehicle as a factor of comparison between two deals. It is vital to weigh all aspects closely!


Buying and selling old vehicles online has become a trend-setting mark in the second-hand market. Finding a used Activa in a city like Bangalore is no big deal as long as one takes the assistance of the right selling portal. With utmost cooperation, a buyer can get his hands on his dream bike!

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