Complete Guide On How To Wear Zorbing Ball

Have you ever heard about zorbing and zorb balls? Zorbing is an outdoor fun activity that can make your dreams of playing without hurting, walking or running on the water or rolling down the hill come true. It is not a game that you can play at home but it requires extra space like play ground, snowy places, or sea water.

Zorb ball is an inflatable plastic sphere that consists of 2 spheres. The smaller one is inside and larger one is outside which give you passage to the inner ball. Inner ball is made up of PVC or vinyl that is connecting with outer ball with nylon strings to keep the balance inside. It has 2 basic forms but they are further divided into different types. In this article we will discuss about how to wear a zorb ball so you should not fall from it and will look at the types of zorb balls.

Types of zorb balls

There are basic two forms of zorbing balls. First is dry and second is wet ball. Depending on your need and where you are going to play with it can help you decide which one to choose. Below are the types of it:

  • Water zorbing ball
  • Ground zorbing ball
  • Snow zorbing ball
  • Bubble zorbing ball

The water ball is best to use on the water including beach side or big pool at home. The ground one is good to play in the playing grounds or parks. Snowy zorbing balls are good to consider if you are visiting snowy areas and want to play there. Last one is best for the football and soccer players. It will let you wear it on the upper part of the body including head and you can have full control over it as your legs are outside the ball.

Proper guide to wear zorbing ball

It is very important you should learn how to wear the zorb ball before playing with it. It can be dangerous too if not wear properly. Here we have shared complete step by step guide on how to wear or climb the zorbing ball.

  • Unpacking

First step is important as it involves unpacking of the zorb ball from the box. It could be a problem if you try to unbox it yourself alone. It may also be possible that you pull it hard and it can tear or have holes due to extra stretching. Always ask someone to help you in unpacking the ball by roll the inflatable and then inflate the inflatable.

  • Don’t wear it at home

If you are going to a beach, park, or snowy area, it is recommended to not wear it at home. You should take it in packing with you and wear it at the park or playing ground. The sharp things in the home or car could damage the ball so better to use it in park or beaches.

  • Keep distance from sharp objects

Don’t wear it in closed spaces. A zorbing ball could get damaged if are not in the proper larger space. In close spaces it might be possible that you are near sharp thing and the ball could get damage. Moreover, at the time of wearing it, ensure that there is no sharp thing pushing against the ball’s surface. Don’t go on small packed size because as you unpack it, the ball will grow bigger and completely change the size of it.

  • Get Inside It

It is important step because you need to first calm down and then enter the small sphere inside bigger one. The ball is completely transparent which will let you see outside. You must keep in mind to give enough space for the air to be pumped in the next step.

  • Air pumping

After you get inside the zorb ball, now its time to pump air in it. Set up your air pump according to the manuals. It is very important to ensure not to over pump or under pump the air inside. Over pump could blast the ball at any time but it will not harm the person inside. Under pump can destroy your mood because of not enough jumping or running of ball.

  • Wear the harnesses

Each ball has harnesses inside it which holds the person during hurdles on the ground or down the hill. In the beginning, you must need these harnesses but as you get used to the zorbing ball, you can climb, ride, or run with it without harnesses.

  • Temperature and weight

The last step is to ensure the temperature outside because zorb balls can’t be used in below 14 degrees. If the zorbing is commercial or deluxe, the temperature must not go below 0 degrees. Furthermore, it is important to check the weight limits. A simple zorb ball has 11 stones weight limit and standard one has 12 stones limits. While the commercial and deluxe ones have 18-20 stones.

So if you want to have one perfect zorb ball, Kameymall would be a good choice!

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