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Though there are stringent traffic rules to protect pedestrians, accidents are still prevalent. These pedestrian accidents can cause minor to major injuries. An accident can be caused due to several reasons. You may contact Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers to get legal help in your case. In this blog, you will read about common causes of pedestrian accidents and how you can prevent them.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the primary reasons that cause pedestrian accidents. Accidents happen when your mind is distracted in talking with fellow passengers, chatting on the phone while driving, or attending a call. So these are examples of the sheer carelessness of drivers. 

Reckless driving

Many of you might have witnessed reckless driving. People drive fast to look cool or when they are in a hurry. Such accidents are often tragic, and people need to understand that they risk their lives and the people around them. 

Skipping red light

Pedestrians cross the road with red light, but if a driver skips the red light, it can cause a significant accident. 

Foggy weather

During winters, the number of accidents is pretty high. Fog decreases visibility, and thus chances of accidents become high. 

Dark clothes at night

If you walk on the road wearing dark clothes at night, the driver might not see you and can hit you. So you should wear bright colors such as neon so that you are visible to the drivers.

How to prevent such accidents

You can prevent accidents by adhering to the following points. 

Be alert while walking.

Please don’t presume that vehicle drivers are paying attention. Be alert while walking on roads and follow safety rules. 

Use only designated crossings.

Most of the accidents happen when you cross the road suddenly and don’t use the crosswalks. Please don’t cross the road if there is no crosswalk, and use only designated crosswalks so that you cross the road safely. 

Use sidewalks

Don’t walk on the streets. Instead, walk on sidewalks because if you step on roads, you block the traffic and make yourself at risk of accidents.


Accidents can be very tragic and change your life completely. Follow all safety measures and traffic rules. You can’t control how the other drivers drive, but you can manage your actions. Vehicle drivers should also act responsibly on roads to prevent accidents.

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