Coir Mattress Guide: Is it Affordable or Over the Odds?

Usually, it is not feasible and practical to buy a mattress at frequent intervals as it involves a significant investment. This makes it critical to buy the right mattress whenever you decide to buy one. This in turn makes understanding the range of mattresses available a necessary step. However, as there are a plethora of mattresses available online, one can easily get overwhelmed.

Lately, coir mattresses have become one of the widely preferred mattress types. So, if you are someone who wants to buy the best mattress, buy coir mattress shall be the best suggestion. Want to know why? Here is your detailed guide to coir mattresses, and their price to quality analogy.

What are Coir Mattresses?

Coir mattresses are made up of curled, and coiled coir fibers. The fibers used in coir mattresses are exclusively taken from coconut husk. These are said to be ideal for a snug, and sound sleep due to the support, and comfort they offer.

If you buy a coir mattress, you will encounter two types of mattresses; a simple coir mattress, and a rubber coir mattress. These two differ mainly in terms of density, and packaging of fibers. Depending on the density, and packing, these mattresses can be too firm or soft. And, it is advised to choose the coir mattress with the right firmness according to your needs, and preferences.

Why Should You Buy a Coir Mattress?

Coir mattresses offer a range of benefits. Some of these are-

  • Eco-friendly

As coir mattresses are made up of special coconut husk fibers, these are straight from nature. Thus, they are eco-friendly. Moreover, it is also said that if you buy a coir mattress, you participate in making the environment a sustainable place to live.

  • Hypoallergenic

Want to sleep with no fear of allergies? Buy coir mattresses!

Yes, you read that right. Coir mattresses are hypoallergenic in nature, i.e, they don’t cause any allergic reaction or response. This is because these are made up of natural fiber. Further, this feature of coir mattresses makes these ideal for kids, as well as, for your pets.

  • No pressure on trigger points

One of the factors that can make your sleep restful is how the pressure on trigger points is maintained. For instance, if the pressure is not distributed evenly, your body will start aching, and the posture will trigger pains and irritations.

That’s where coir mattresses keep you on the safe side. These are developed with the right fittings and density. Thereby, keeping you free of any sort of pressure triggered body pains.

  • Soft on back, harsh on back ailments

Coir mattresses are built to maintain optimum firmness, and support for your back. This can help cure spine, back, and neck ailments while maintaining the right sleep posture. So, if you want to enjoy snug sleep that too while maintaining the right sleep posture, buy a coir mattress today.

  • Long living Coir mattresses

Coir mattresses come with impressive durability and reliability standards. These mattresses can be managed and maintained for 9 to 10 years. Further, as these are made up of natural fibers, they are less prone to anomalies, and quality issues.

But, all this also depends on the brand from which you buy a coir mattress. If you want to buy it from the best brand, consider buying it from Duroflex as it is a well-established and renowned brand.

Explore Different Price Points of Coir Mattresses

If, as of now, keeping in hand the benefits of coir mattresses, you have made a decision of buying the coir mattresses, it’s time to understand the prices.

From authentic, quality brands like Duroflex, you can buy a coir mattress at a starting price of 7000 Rs. (INR). This is a competitive price of coir mattresses. Furthermore, keeping in mind the benefits it possesses such as hypoallergenic nature, stable life, durability, and reliability, these mattresses justify their price to the fullest. So, if you want to explore a wide range of coir mattress options at best prices, head to Duroflex’s official website now!

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