Cloth Diapers: Truth, Facts and Benefits for Babies

When we become new parents, we receive so much information from all sides. This information overload is even more if we are first time parents. Sometimes it is challenging to filter that information and decide what is best for our babies and us as parents and what is harmful. On top of it, so many new trends come and go. While all these trends are claimed to be ‘THE BEST’ for your baby, as new parents, we hardly have the time to research and read up about all these trends and decide whether or not it is for us!

So, what about cloth diapering? Is it a trend that is temporary and a good to do thing? Is it a cool trend to associate with? Or it is the need of the hour and the best solution for you and your babies? Let us explore the truth behind cloth diapers and their benefits for babies. In this article, let us explore and understand cloth diapers and cloth diapering better and look at the facts and benefits of cloth diapers.

Why Cloth Diapers

We can just tell you that cloth diapers are the best choice for your baby’s diapering and bumwear needs. But before you are convinced and go ahead and buy cloth diapers, let us understand why cloth diapers are better than disposable diapers and the best choice for you and your baby!

  1. It is easy on your pockets – Well, yes. If you compare per unit cost, a cloth diaper costs around 700 Rs against a per-unit price of merely Rs. 10 for a disposable diaper. But one cloth diaper can be washed and reused up to 300 times. So, it is technically 700 against 3000 Rs. The math is simple here!
  2. It is good for the earth – Ideally, when one disposes of a one-time use diaper, one is supposed to knock the poop off in the commode and then dispose of it. But how many of us actually do it? And this means the poop that is trapped inside the disposable diaper will take even longer to decompose. A disposable diaper ends up in a landfill and takes anywhere between 400 – 500 years to break down. Technically, the first-ever disposable diaper is still somewhere in a landfill waiting to get decomposed. On the other hand, cloth diapers are eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and great for our mother earth.
  3. It is more suitable for your baby’s skin – Cloth diapers are known to cause almost negligible rashes on your baby’s skin as compared to disposable diapers that are filled with toxins and harmful chemicals.
  4. Aids potty-training – According to parents who have experienced using cloth diapers after using disposable diapers previously, cloth diapers are known to better aid potty training. Kids who are on cloth diapers are potty trained faster and with ease.
  5. Cloth diapers are convenient – You will not have to keep ordering cloth diapers as a part of your monthly grocery list. You will not be worried about what if the packet is over in the middle of the night and no store is open. Buying a stash once would last you for the complete diapering cycle for your baby and thus is super convenient.

Facts & Benefits For Babies & You

Let us try to answer the questions and doubts about cloth diapers and their benefits for your baby in this section:

Will I really save money?

Yes, of course. On the one hand, you will spend almost 75000 Rs. or more on disposable diapers throughout the diapering journey of your baby; you will need only 16 cloth diapers for the whole three-year journey. The best thing is after your baby is potty trained, cloth diapers can be passed down to other newborn members in the family.

Is it good for my baby’s sensitive skin?

Cloth diapers do not contain harmful chemicals or plastics and toxins like Phthalates that are usually present in disposable diapers. In addition, cloth diapers such as SuperBottoms UNO are made of certified organic cotton and AZO-free dyes. These are super soft and are best suitable for rash prone skin and sensitive and delicate skin of the babies.

Do cloth diapers fit well?

The elastic used in the disposable diapers are usually of low quality because they are not required to be used for more than a few hours. In addition, disposable diapers are not adjustable as well. This will result in ill-fitted diapers causing rashes, elastic digging in the skin and leaving painful marks and the poop leaking out from the sides. On the other hand, cloth diapers are adjustable, have superior quality elastic that lasts for years, and better fit your baby’s size.

What If I Need Help?

Not everyone is supposed to master the art of cloth diapering from day 1. Good and established brands such as SuperBottoms have an around the clock working customer care or moms connect team that can help you with video demos, fit check with pictures, guidance and help you achieve the best fit for your baby!

Are you still thinking? Start the amazing sustainable journey of cloth diapering today!

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