Choosing the Right Air Track: A Beginner’s Quest

Are you an athlete? Do you get impressed with all the body maneuvering athletes do in the mid-air? Want to learn all that but are afraid of poor landing? Worry not! You should use an air track to ensure you are on a good surface for all your athletic practice.

Using an air track will give you soft padding to land on from complex jumps. Moreover, you can rest assured to have something good for your joints. Not just that, you can rest assured about the safety of all your tumbling and stunts. It is going to save you a lot of money that you will have to invest in a gym membership.

But with the availability of so many options, you should know how to choose the right air track. Moreover, should you buy it online from platforms like Kameymall or offline? What to look for while buying an air track? To know everything like that, you should read the following points.

What to Look in an Air Track

Material Quality

What type of material do you want to have? Does it have a stronger grip on the floor? All these questions should be in your mind when thinking about buying an air track mat. Kameymall is one of the biggest suppliers of air track mats that are easy to inflate and use.

You need to be careful of a poor-quality air track mat. Make sure you contact the seller to ensure the air track does not break down over regular usage. Each part of the air track mat is assembled with a focus to ensure you get the best quality.


How long will they last? What about any punctures if used on a rough surface? Are they durable and reusable after years of suffering under your athletic practice? Hence, you must probe deeper to check the durability of your chosen air track mat.

That is why you must check manually the material used in finishing the product. Also, check out the inflatable material used and understand how many times it can be inflatable. Moreover, know how many punctures will it take to completely tear it apart.

Your chosen air track should pass quality checks under rigorous conditions. Also, it should undergo a pressure test for at least 16 hours at the factory. This ensures you get the listed air track even after shipping it to you after days.


How rough is your exercise regime? Do you land on your feet from a higher surface? What should be the width or thickness of your air mat? The availability of numerous options at your disposal makes it hard for newbie users.

As a fresher, you must know that there are 10cm, 20cm, and 30cm thicknesses available in an air track mat. It depends on which exercise type you do that is going to decide which air track you should choose. In technical terms, you get P1, P2, and P3 thickness offers.


Are you getting anything extra with the air track mat? What about the availability of different accessories accompanied with the chosen air track mat? You must know whether or not you will get everything in the package.  It must have an air motor to fill up the air.

What about safety gear or package material? Are these things included in the package when you buy an air track? If not, do you have to pay extra to buy the air motor? So, depending on these things, you have to decide whether or not you can buy the chosen model.

Trusted Seller

Is the online seller trusted? Has the seller got positive reviews from different clients? You should ensure you do not put your money and trust in a fake seller. Also, check whether the seller or a reseller. This will help you know whether you will get a genuine model or a reused model.

Further, check the online rating of the seller. Moreover, know-how the seller solves the complaints issued in his name. This helps you have a better picture of the seller from whom you are buying an air track mat.

Check Reviews

Are you done with your product and ready to buy it? If yes, have you checked the online reviews of the products? What are other customers saying about the same or similar product? Are they satisfied with their purchase?

Having all these things in your mind will help you choose the right and perfect model. So, make sure you go through all the reviews posted on the web.

Sum Up

When you keep all the above-mentioned points in your check, you are good to go with your choice. Otherwise, you might not get the best deals out there. Who knows you might even lose your money by choosing a fraud seller? So, always do proper research whether you buy an air track mat, zorb ball, safety shoes for women or men, or any other product online. With the right choices, you can rest assured to have the best deals.

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