Check Before Renting Car


Nothing is worse than going to the vehicle rental company to see that you forgot your driver’s permit home. Please ensure that you have a driver’s licence and a valid credit card in your name before renting a car with us. In order to cover incident expenses, such as parking fines, traffic breaches, missing gasoline etc., our Rent a Vehicle – as is done by other car rental businesses – demand a valid credit card as a guarantee. Usually no debit card is accepted as a guarantee.

Car exterior

You don’t want to be accountable for the abuse of the automobile by someone else. Before heading for any scrapes or dents, make sure that you check the automobile.

Arrival place

It is advisable to establish a trip schedule with certain places before renting an automobile in order to make an efficient budget of your time. Rhodes Island is not as small as you may assume and you may be interested in viewing many of sites and attractions. Our team would be delighted to show you where you want and advise you on locations not found on your guide to Lonely Planet. Do not hesitate to ask our personnel where to go on Rhodes Island, dine or swim. It’s the locals that know all the secrets and jewels they need to uncover, like elsewhere. If you want to rent a car sharjah, please visit our site.

Fuel Used

When you do not plan to spend twice as much as the fuel costs when you leave the tank empty, be sure you know what type of fuel your vehicle is using. Most Rhodes automobiles run on Unleaded 95; however, there may be outliers, because diesel engines are increasingly widely used in Greece.

Stay on Road

Car rental is not intended for an expedition on a Safari. Keep that in mind and respect the automobile for what it is. The direct infringement of the rental agreement is to take your automobile off-road. Any harm during your 4/4 efforts or when you’re trapped on a beach or a mountain, is not insurance covered. Extra towing and cleaning costs are payable.

Careful while parking

If you’re back from your old town walk, you don’t want to find your car without licence plates and a €200 fine on the windscreen. Make sure you ask the parking restrictions of your representative. Every location utilises its own system and is likely to be different from the parking system in your city in Rhodes. To cover the fundamentals. There’s no-no yellow lines. Yellow lines are not allowed to park and halt. By paying car parks and displaying the ticket on the dashboard behind the windshield you can park on blue lines. For two-wheeled vehicle, white lines are allocated. Unless otherwise specified by sign, if you observe no queues, it implies free parking.

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