Characteristics of silicone parts processing when it comes to medical applications

Silicone parts are a kind of customized silicone products that are widely used in the society, and similar to him are medical silicone products. Now there are more and more silicone products, and many products have begun to use silicone miscellaneous parts to make minor accessories.

Silicone miscellaneous products have gradually been used and have become one of the products of silicone manufacturers. Silicone parts have very precise process requirements.

Silicone parts processing requirements

Due to the different designs and shapes of the product, some need to be individually customized for mold opening and processing, which is a disadvantage because the cost of mold opening of silicone molds is high.

In the field of medical silicone, Many customers do not have a large demand, which makes many customers unable to accept the price of the mold cost. Therefore, the customized processing of silicone products still needs to meet the production requirements. In addition, there are many advantages and advantages of silicone parts.

In fact, this situation has a very easy-to-understand internal logic, that is, customers need silicone products that match performance and application scenarios. Any silicone manufacturer will spare no effort to make efforts to achieve customer expectations. Then this is the result The choice of performance and price. We can only look at it rationally, rather than blindly pursuing unilateral performance or low price, to solve the problem. At the same time, this is also the basic premise of completing custom orders at a high level.

medical silicone can be processed as required, no matter from surface accuracy or performance application, how much hardness and sealing degree the function and appearance of the product need to achieve. Silicone miscellaneous parts can be processed according to these requirements.

Silicone rubber manufacturing issues that are easy to ignore

Whether it is silicone rubber parts or silicone rubber medical products, it is impossible to get rid of the basic physical and chemical properties of silicone. What engineers often do is not to change its performance to what extent, but to subtly add compounds to use the most efficient Ways to help silicone rubber to adapt to the application scenarios required by customers. According to your own products, you can choose to customize various styles of silicone parts and choose silicone materials for mold opening processing, but many silicone products are different from existing molds.

It is suitable for sealing electronic products, parts of children’s toys, medical silicone rubber miscellaneous parts, accessories on automobiles, appearance decoration of daily necessities, and auxiliary products for buffering and shock absorption of machinery industry.

If the requirements are not met, you can modify the mold by adjusting it according to your own ideas and designs. If the product has glue, it can be maintained and modified. If it is less glue, it will be more troublesome. Therefore, you should carefully understand the material and process of silicone rubber products when designing drawings.

Medical grade silicone parts

From the medical silicone point of view, silicone proudcts can be processed in a variety of ways and can achieve extraordinary performance and effects. Silicone can replace various raw materials, such as rubber, plastic, TPE, and TPR, to achieve safe, non-toxic , and environmentally friendly effects. Products with excellent stretch and tear resistance and high-temperature resistance.

If the core of silicone parts is silicone rubber material. Then The core advantage of silicone rubber is that it has certain material properties, the silicon chain will not have any material conflict, no dispersion, no concentration, no evaporation, no melting of water, etc., the silicon molecules combine with each other to reach a certain molecular chain, thereby realizing Tensile rebound, temperature resistance, and aging resistance. So please pay attention to medical silicone.

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