Characteristics of Good Chafing Dishes

A chafing dish is a saucepan on a stand with burners to keep the food warm. They are primarily used at a buffet. They are mainly used for cooking dishes that require little heat. The dishes are kept warm without overcooking.

This article will focus on the prices of chafing dishes in Kenya.

Nowadays, people want to provide exotic and sophisticated dinners at weddings and funerals, also used in restaurants. Chafing dishes have become common in these events. They are called chafing dishes because the name is derived from the French word chauffer, which means to make warm. It is essential to note the following facts on the prices of the chafing dishes in Kenya.


Buy a chafing dish made of the best quality materials for durability. The handle of the chafing dish covers should also be made of suitable quality materials for easy handling by the workers and even guests.

Source of heat

The chafing dishes come with different styles of heating. Depending on the venue where the chafing dish will be used, you can choose from chafing dishes that use electricity or other fuel.


Chafing designs come in varieties; some are classy, while others are for economic users. Economic chafing dishes are made of lightweight steel, which does not rust. Chafing dishes are also made of heavy-duty steel, which appears to have a sophisticated look.

The appearance of the chafing dish

The look of the chafing dish should be elegant and stylish to add to the setting of the restaurant or the venue in place. Many polish finishes are attractive such as metallic mirrors, gold, copper, and satin matte.


The chafing dishes come in a variety of shapes. They come in rectangular, oval, square, and circular shapes. The shape of the chafing dish that you are going to choose will depend on the type of food that will be served in it and also how you will want them to appear on the table. For instance, circular chafing dishes are primarily used for serving desserts.


This factor comes in handy when considering the amount of food you will serve in the chafing dish. Chafing dishes prices in Kenya vary with the sizes of the chafing dish. The chafing dishes available in the market come in small sizes as 1.75 quarts and big sizes come in as 9 quarts.

The chafing dish covers

There are many types of covers available for chafing dishes. They include; hinged covers, roll top covers, and glass covers. Choose the type of chafing dish covers that will guarantee you efficient work when serving the dishes. If the guests serve by themselves, then you will require a lid that is simple to use.


Chafing dishes are crucial items that every event should have. The dishes vary depending on the occasion. If you are planning to host an event with numerous attendees, it is best to invest in large dishes.

The information above acts as a vital point of reference for any potential buyer.

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