Water is a very useful resource used world wide. Those in areas with scarcity of water usually have a hard time storing it. This article gives tips of how to maintain your water tank.

Maintaining of your water tank is important as it not only saves you money to buy a new one but also helps in keeping the water clean. The following are tips for care and maintenance of your water tank.

Regular checks

It is important for your tank to be checked regularly, especially by an expert. This will help you to know when to change the tank and also when to change the water. Regular checks also help to know when to replace the old tank and buy a knew one.

Drain and clean

It is advised to drain your water tank once in a while. Draining will enable you to clean your tank and remove any of the sludge that is in the tank. Research has proven that a certain amount of sludge is good for the water but excessive is harmful. Cleaning of the tank prevents mosquitoes from harboring in the tank and makes the water safe for human consumption.

Hosing the outside

Hosing the outside part of the tank prevents build-up of dirt on the tank. People in areas with salty water are advised to do so often so as to prevent accumulation of salt on the tank. This makes the tank look presentable and increases hygiene.

Avoid storage of items on the tank

Storing things on the top of the tank is not advisable. It is highly discouraged to do so especially liquid items. This will cause the lid of the tank to weaken  and break. Contaminants may also drop into the water if the tank is not covered. Storing of liquid items on it may cause the liquids to pour into the tank. Hence it advisable to avoid storage of items on the tank.

Maintain the coating

Most tanks have coating both on the inside and outside. This helps prevent corrosion of the tank. The tanks may be painted with water proof paint to prevent corrosion. It is important to maintain the coating and this can be done after draining and cleaning it.

Treat the water

Treating of the water on a regular basis is important. This not only makes the water safe for human consumption bit also helps in removing bad smell. Treatment of water can be done using chlorine. Changing water regularly also helps especially if you live in an area which has a lot of vegetation.

Cleaning the water pathway

Cleaning of gutters and any other path which water passes beforewater enters into the tank is important. This will help prevent contaminants and also reduce the amount of sludge.

In conclusion the above tips are helpful when you want to save money on buying a new tank as they help you to maintain the one you have for a long period of time.

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