Buying High-Quality Aftermarket Wheels? Here are a Few Secret Pro Tips

‘Modding’ your vehicle is essentially a form of modern art that requires practice and expertise. And one of the first things that have to go are the OEM rims; you will need a set of high-quality aftermarket wheels to take their place.

Now, you might reckon that it is easy to buy rims. That is not quite true! When it comes to purchasing quality bespoke wheels, you might be astounded by the sheer numbers of models that are available for sale across the United States. Things get a lot more complicated when you are order aftermarket rims online.

Regardless of which brand you choose, these rims will appear very similar on the Web. Even if you go ahead and use the 360-degree view that brands like Fuel, Petrol, MKW and Black Rhino offer, it is pretty tough to tell them apart except the cosmetic aspects of course.

Given that you might have to shell out a neat sum when you buy rims, what are the things you should look for in these products?

Here are some tips that professionals swear by.

Purchasing custom rims the right way: tips & tricks

Scroll on as we quickly list out the most essential points.

  1. Brands matter: You will often hear or read reports online by industry experts claiming how rim-manufacturing technologies across companies are almost the same. That is not always true, however. Branded aftermarket wheels are preferable over their unbranded cousins on any given day.

The reason is simple; brands have a reputation that they must maintain at all costs. They do so by ensuring strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process and also have excellent supply chains in place.

Besides these obvious reasons, branded aftermarket rims are categorized depending on a variety of factors. If you own an SUV and would love going off-roading, you can choose from the ranges offered by Fuel or Strada Wheels. If it is muscle that you want, you can opt for Rohana or Vossen.

The key takeaway is that even if you receive great discounts on unbranded rims, do not go for them! They are unreliable and might even cause untoward incidents on the roads.

  1. Material used in the rim’s manufacturing: The vast majority of aftermarket wheels are alloys. That means they are constructed from a mixture of aluminum and traces of magnesium and other metals. One reason why alloys are preferred is because they are lightweight and durable.

If you enjoy pushing your vehicles to the limit and enjoy the sheer power of the growling engine as you hit the gas, you can also choose from stainless steel rims that are manufactured by all major companies.

Perhaps the one major competitive disadvantage of these wheels and why most people do not buy rims of steel is their additional weight. But if you can handle the extra sum you will have to shell out for fuel, stainless steel is a fantastic option.

They are as strong as they come, and they will be of great help on any surface you are driving on.

  1. Get the lug and bolt pattern right: On the outside, bolt patterns may not seem a big deal. But it is vital that you get aftermarket wheels which have lugs available for the bolt pattern that suits your vehicle’s make and model. For more information on these technical issues, visit the brand’s website and check out if they have the right models for your purposes.

Alternately, you can approach a well-known dealer of custom rims and seek their expertise. In case you are purchasing them from a reputed retailer, their technicians will help you select the right model and also install the wheels correctly.

  1. Try out plus-sizing custom rims: Plus-sizing is not a very new concept although it has been trending for several years now. If you are someone who often changes their OEM rims with custom ones, you already know that! But if you do not buy rims on a semi-regular basis, now is the time to experiment and determine what works for you and what does not.

Essentially, using bigger rims has a positive effect on both your speedometer and also consumes slightly less amounts of fuel than usual. You can also go ahead and purchase specialized custom tires from companies like Michelin, Continental, Hankook, and so on.

Using plus-sized rims has sometimes been criticized by road-safety experts who state that it affects your navigation and control over the vehicle for the worse. That is something open for debate, but if you buy rims from noted manufacturers who provide every detail on their products, you should not face any negative reaction.

Safe driving and its advantages are applicable to aftermarket rims too, after all!

Summing up

You now have some more insight into the vast world of aftermarket wheels. Read all technical aspects of these products before you purchase them. Also, high-quality rims can be pretty expensive. It is a good idea to fix a budget before you choose a set online as it will save you time and money.

Offline stores usually have technicians who will surely guide you.

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