Birthday Gifts for Cat Lovers

You don’t need to have a full-fledged ”crazy cat lady” in your social circle to have a friend who’s a devoted cat lover. Their favorite photos all feature their feline friends and, if they don’t have a kitty of their own, they take any opportunity to spend time with another person who does—even if they’re really there for the cat, not their human friends. 

When your favorite cat lover has a birthday or other special event on the horizon, you can take advantage of their passion for paws with the perfect gift. 

A Gift That Includes Their Cat

If your friendly neighborhood cat lover has a fur baby of their own, you’ll surely win their affections by including that feline in your gift-giving efforts. You’ve heard the phrase, ”happy wife, happy life”? It should truly talk about a happy cat. Consider treating your friend and their feline to a gift from Cardboard Cat Homes, a company specializing in eco-friendly safe spaces that both cats and their caretakers are sure to love. The team behind each cardboard pet house recognizes that most cats value nothing more than a cardboard box—so they made sure a cardboard cat house can match your friend’s personal style while still treating their kitty to something they’ll love. Add a sprinkle of catnip, and you’ll be their new best friend.

A Gift That Reminds Them of Their Cat

Every pet parent has a dilemma: try as we might, we can’t spend every waking hour with our fur babies. The next best thing, though, is gifting your cat-loving friend something that will remind them of their feline no matter where they go. For instance, you might seek out photo phone cases and design a custom case showcasing their cat. This gift plays a dual role, really—it brings a smile to their face while protecting their phone from stray kitty claws in the process.

A Gift That Benefits Cats

Does your friend support a local rescue or other organization that helps less fortunate cats? Even if you don’t know of a specific cause, you can try your hand at this charitable sort of gift with a bit of research. There’s no shortage of animal charities that deserve the support! Perhaps you’ll adopt (albeit symbolically) a black-footed cat, snow leopard, or ocelot from the World Wildlife Fund, presenting your loved one with a plush image of their wild cat. Or, you might turn to Pura Vida, a charitable accessory company employing Costa Rican artisans, and browse their collection benefiting Discovery’s Project Cat. You could even create a simple card explaining that you’ve donated to a cat-friendly cause in their name.

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A Gift That Shows Off Their Love of Cats

In case their personalized phone case doesn’t offer an obvious statement, your friend might be in the market for ways to show off their affection for felines. A quick search of Etsy or your favorite online store will turn up plenty of results for fur parents and anyone who’d rather be with their cats than be forced to hang out with people.

A Gift That Is Cats

When in doubt, your friend will undoubtedly love to be rescued by another cat or kitten!

When you know your friend is a cat lover, you’ll always have gift inspiration at hand. Whether it’s a cardboard castle for their Persian princess or a phone case immortalizing their tiny tabby tiger, any cat lover will love a present that plays upon their love of cats. Best of all, you’ll find there’s plenty of gift ideas to go around, so you’ll be well-prepared for next year and any other gift-giving occasions that might arise. 

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