Best trip spots in Dubai

Dubai is the first choice for tours by many tourists. Many factors make Dubai such a popular spot among visitors. Due to its beauty and man-made amazing places mostly movies and song shooting are also done here to attract large traffic towards their content. Besides these, it’s best to visit with your families and for newlywed couples. Among these amazing spots, the desert Safari and the dhow cruise are quite famous. So, if you are thinking to make an exciting spot for your refreshment it probably suits you most. Book a lot of fun here with us.

What are the specialties of dhow cruise Dubai?

The list of specialties that a dhow cruise Dubai contains is indescribable. You can watch different places along with sailing on this beautifully designed dhow cruise on the water. A buffet dinner that is presented to our tourists is the special fun feature on a dhow cruise. If you are fond of seeing the modern or old version of Dubai then the creek Dhow cruise and the dhow cruise marina are the best places. The refreshments in form of tasty and fresh cold drinks are presented to you upon arrival at the dhow cruise. For your true enjoyment and making this journey special and memorable different kinds of shows that are going live on the dhow cruise are there for you. It includes amazing tanoura shows. The live performances of different dances also going on live there.

Why dhow cruises are trending day by day?

It is the spot that is trending among various hearts because it is quite a unique idea that is extracted from past trends. As you, in ancient times a dhow was only used for trade purposes but as time passes its look modifies a lot. After which it is converted into a restaurant-like platform. And there are continuously new features are adding to this to provide a unique experience with us. You will enjoy a specialized dinner course under the skylines of Dubai while sailing on the water with beautiful site views.

Dhow cruise Marina Vs Dhow cruise creek

Two top trending types of dhow cruise are highly demanded nowadays by national and international visitors. These both are carrying their unique and interesting features and are highly competitive towards each other from the point of its sight views. Both contain 2 decks in them that are lower & upper portion of dhow Cruise. Dubai Marina can be said a new Dubai view. It contains buildings view on both sides. It is a canal city that is artificially made. While the dhow cruise Creek can be called as the old one version of the Dubai. So, it is suggested to you if you are a true fan of the antique works then it is the most suitable place for you to visit. While if you carry a lot of interest in seeing the new and modified version of Dubai then you must need to book us now for your Dhow cruise Marina.

Desert Safari Dubai

In Dubai, among the most visiting places, the desert Safari is one of it. You will experience a well-managed tour to a unique site that is the desert Safari which is famous because of the sun rising and sunset views from the sandy surfaces. According to the 2018/calculations the desert Safari comes in the list of the top 5 most visited location of Dubai. And it is continuously seeking attention from the visitors to visit the morning or either evening package of our desert Safari trip.

What are the specialties of desert Safari?

The desert Safari is known all around the world and trending for visiting purposes. It contains the mix-up of both amazingly managed Arabian-style nights with the adventurous activities of sports there. Not only this, different types of live shows to entertain you fully are also arranged there. The tanoura shows that is known as the most traditional dance performance that is carried out by a group of men. The cars climb here in downward and upward movement along with your laughing faces on the dunes.

Our offered desert Safaris Packages

We offer 2 types of Dubai Desert Safari packages according to public demand and their time availability. There are the;

  • Morning desert Safari.


  • Desert Safari evening.

Both are exciting based but the evening one package is mostly demand by tourists because of the hectic working schedules in the morning time. So, the booking for the morning must contain several 2 persons to seek our company’s services. While for the evening package only 1 person tour can be booked here.

 Inclusions in desert Safari.

Our desert tours include various activities that are like;

  • Pick & drop
  • Soft drinks to present you to welcome you.
  • Camel riding.
  • Non – stop refreshment available throughout desert Safari.
  • BBQ
  • Dune bashing for forty-five minutes.
  • Sand boarding.
  • Live shows.
  • Henna paintings.
  • Tanoura shows and much more.

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