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Skydiving is getting increasingly popular. As a result, the divers head to the stores to select the best parachute for a stress-free fly. This sport’s most important equipment is… you named it! Because of that, buying parachutes for skydiving sounds might be something to consider? Depending on how good your parachute is, you (and your students?) can jump that much better. Ok, you already know that.

Parachuting Rig

A rig is made up of several parachutes that are stored inside a backpack called a “container.” The parachutes’ size inside determines the size of the rig. They’re also tailored to their owner’s preferences. A sport skydiver manually releases a small pilot-chute that works as a drogue, collecting air and dragging out the main canopy or main parachute at deployment altitude.

The “throw-out” system, in which the skydiver tries to pull a toggle placed above the pilot-chute loaded in a mini pocket outside the container, & the “pull-out” system, in which the skydiver brings out a small pad connected to the pilot-chute loaded inside the container, are the 2 main systems being used. Tandem and high-performance parachutes are more expensive, whereas huge, docile student parachutes are frequently less expensive.


A wingsuit flyer’s parachute will often be substantially different from that of a freeflyer who flies with his or her head down. Parachutes for skydiving come in a variety of sizes, and skydivers use two: the main one and a reserve. This is because if one fails, they may switch to the other. Searching for the top parachutes can be difficult and time-consuming due to a large number of variations available.

There are numerous parachutes on the market. However, if you want the best, this article will help you. Here are the top 4 best skydiving parachutes in 2022, from which you can choose your favorite.

Top 4 of 2022’s Best Skydiving Parachutes:

1. Firebird RUSH Reserve Canopy

Rush 7-cell reserve canopy has been designed for today’s skydiving demands. The structure is the outcome of cutting-edge 2D or 3D technology. A variety of high-speed drop tests, g-force measurements, as well as further experiments and flight tests, were used to study, check, and fine-tune its performance.

With such a max deployment speed of 150 KEAS, the outcome is one of the toughest, most durable stocks on the market. It boasts guaranteed fast and safe openings, excellent diving characteristics, smooth landings for the smallest canopy size, and a minimal packing capacity, among other features.

2. Sabre3 Main Parachute Canopy

Sabre3 Main Parachute Canopy gives the Sabre a whole new meaning. Crisp handling, a wide dynamic speed range, reliable on-heading openings, increased power, great landings, and a high level of input responsiveness. The next best all-around 9-cell contemporary canopy, according to Test Jumpers and PD Athletes, will become one of the most searched canopies in the world for beginner to expert skydivers.

Although the Sabre3 has roots in 2 of Performance Designs’ most popular canopies, the Sabre and Sabre2, the designers started from scratch with the intention of developing the world’s next most famous canopy. They improved the features that consumers liked best about the Sabre2 while reducing or eliminating those that they didn’t.

3. Performance Design’s HORIZON Main Parachute Canopy

Horizon Main Parachute Canopy, a 7-cell main canopy, was meant to provide a simple ‘off switch’ to bring your wingsuit flight to an end as quickly as possible. The goal of this canopy’s development was to eliminate deployment issues associated with the burble of bigger wingsuits while maintaining a high level of flare and responsive handling.

The Horizon is the most powerful canopy in its class when it comes to stopping power. Most of all, when compared to a non-cross braced ZP canopy main, the horizon allows you to upsize by 2 full sizes, enabling you to place a bigger canopy in your existing wingsuit rig. There’s no need to buy a new container.

4. ZULU Main Parachute Canopy

Aerodyne has introduced the ZULU, a completely new high-quality, non-crossbraced 9 cell canopy. To produce an all-around high-performance aerofoil, it was created by the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation software and complex aerodynamic concepts.

The ZULU lacks the inconsistent nature of certain high-performance canopies, which are prone to extreme openings and oversteer. It’s a parachute that’s simple to fly precisely. With this, it’s considered as a high-performance canopy that’s not for inexperienced canopy pilots.

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