Best Places to Watch Entertainment Videos For Free

Although YouTube has become the undisputed king of video platforms, plenty of alternatives are coming up. This means that if you are a content creator, you can also try your luck by posting your creative videos on these new platforms. Posting your videos to these platforms is easy, and for some, there are powerful online video editing tools that are provided.

Here are places where you can watch entertainment videos for free.

1. GoogleTune

This is a fast-growing YouTube alternative, that is free to use and which allows content creators to upload their videos without limits. Since its inception, its user base has grown tremendously and more people go to this platform every day to upload amazing videos while others go there for their daily entertainment needs.

Users can stream their videos super-fast, thanks to the new and powerful GoogleTune servers. You can access unlimited entertainment, on-page video downloads, and a video editing tool that ensures that you can edit your content comfortably online and present to your customers’ videos that are of the highest standards. With GoogleTune – the YouTube alternative, you have access to an amazing video marketing platform that allows you to market your videos to the world.

2. Vimeo

This video hosting platform is among the best YouTube alternatives that focus on shows, documentaries, films, educational content, and more. This platform delivers high-quality videos and provides content creators with exclusive channels where they can broadcast their videos to the world. Luckily, Vimeo offers videos of higher quality than YouTube and you can upload videos whose quality is 4k and up to 60 frames every second. 

It’s the best platform for people who want to create robust content where the users will be willing to pay money directly for their use. Also available is a paid model where content creators will have to pay to use it. This means that if your investment is to make financial sense, you should have a plan about how you are going to create content that can attract paying subscribers before you get started.

3. Dailymotion

There is no denying that this is one of the biggest alternatives of YouTube, with at least 350 million users globally. However, the experience that Dailymotion offers both the viewers and content creators is different. The users should get logged in to access the entire content library, and nobody can post anonymous comments, which helps to ensure that better feedback is provided.

4. Floatplane

This platform was developed to provide solutions to concerns that many YouTube creators had. This platform helps to solve the challenges of monetization and audience quality which YouTube didn’t provide. Floatplane users should get logged in before they can start watching their preferred videos, and no one is allowed to post anonymous comments. 

This ensures that video creators only get high-quality feedback while also helping to boost the rates of engagement. What you should keep in mind is that all content that is hosted on this platform is paid, and will have to remit money directly to the producers to access and watch their content.

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