Beginner Friendly Wig—Easy Care, Headband, and Closure Wigs

Deciding on what wig to buy as a beginner can be confusing because there are so many styles to choose from. Aside from looking for quality and modern wigs, you may be stuck with choosing the right easy-to-wear and beginner-friendly wigs that can suit you.

To bring out the chick in you even as a beginner, luvme hair is your go to hair brand. Our easy-to-care wigs don’t need you to have a pro-level skill to wear, making it a lot easier for you to own a flawless yet up-to-date wig.

If you’re up for an amazing wig collection that can save you the insane stress of YouTube pro antics, then this article is for you. First, let’s look at these three beginner-friendly wigs you can immediately go for and how they may make you look and feel.


  • What are beginner-friendly and easy care wigs?
  • Headband wig
    • Benefits of a headband wig
    • Steps to wear a headband wig
  • Closure wig
  • What to look out for while buying and “easy care” wig

What are Beginner-Friendly and Easy Care Wigs?

Beginner friendly wig as their name implies are wigs that don’t require tricks and plucking to wear. You won’t have to go through rigorous processes to install it; rather, you can wear it right out of the box.

These pre-customized beginner-friendly wigs are effortless to style, hassle-free, and loaded with different wig experiences.

In the same vein, easy-care wigs are not difficult to maintain, that’s why they are beginner-friendly. Eventually, you are sure of your time and money being saved alongside maximum satisfaction.

If you’d want to purchase a beginner friendly and easy care wig, here are a few characteristics to look out for.


Beginner-friendly and easy-care wigs should be time-saving. This cannot be overemphasized seeing that most trendy wigs take a lot of time to install coupled with the rigors of making them look natural.

On average, it may take you up to 1-2 hours to install and maintain a wig because full wig maintenance takes time. But with a beginner-friendly wig, it takes less time to wear and maintain.


Apart from getting these wigs at a relatively affordable price, you can also save money from your wig maintenance. Caring for your wigs can be slightly tricky. You’d need to be careful so as not to ruin it. Nonetheless, it’s not anything you can’t do by yourself.

Instead of going through the normal ritual of handing your wig to a hair stylist for maintenance, you can take care of your wig yourself. It is indeed true that hair stylist maintenance can give your wig maximum attention, definitely, it will cost you a few dollars.

So to minimize cost and save more, easy-to-care wigs are easy to maintain because they don’t need frequent maintenance. Plus, their maintenance products are affordable too.

Good Experience

Since easy-to-care wigs are maintained easily, you can wear them whenever and however you want without too much bother.  While other wigs may require extreme caution while installing and maintaining, your beginner-friendly wig saves you both time and money while wearing it.

Headband Wigs

As a newbie, headband wigs can serve as a convenient hairstyle start for you. Headband wigs have no lace—meaning no glue, simple throw-on, and are easy to maintain. It’s made of virgin hair with an elastic material to fit different head sizes.

This head strap is a dream choice for wig lovers because regardless of the hair texture and type, it can be dyed or permed. You can be sure of their quality since it has a long shelf life, is tangle-free, and needs less care, unlike lace wigs.

Benefits of Headband Wigs

  • Headband wigs last more and are less apt to breakage
  • You don’t need to purchase costly hair restoration products to maintain your headband wigs
  • The headbands are changeable
  • Instead of hair clips and straps, you can use the headband to put the wig in place
  • With the headband wig, your hairline will still appear natural and beautiful

Steps to Wear a Headband Wig

#1. Gently brush out any knots and tangles with a wide-tooth brush or comb.

#2. Prepare your hair edge with a hair gel of your choice.

#3. Wrap up your hair with a wig cap, and wait for it to dry.

#4. Install the headband wig and adjust it to the position that suits you best. Then adjust the wig clip to your head size.

#5. Top up with your favorite headscarf if you wish.

Closure Wigs

Another beginner-friendly wig you can put in your buying cart is closure wigs. They blend perfectly with your hairline making it impossible to distinguish between them and your scalp. With closure wigs, you won’t need to frequently alter your natural hair or stress out the edges of your hair.

You can comfortably rock your closure wig without glues unlike its counterpart frontal wig. Also, closures are made of human hair so you can easily care for it the same way you take care of your natural hair.

What to Look out for While Buying an Easy-to-care Wig

#1. Stay away from synthetic fiber wigs. They can be very hard to care for due to the material they are made of.

#2. Avoid cheap easy-to-care wigs. This might imply that the wig is a mixture of synthetics also known as a blend.

#3. Endeavor to make your purchases from well-known brands such as luvme hair. This is because most of them offer after-sales services. So when you make a purchase that does not tally with your order, you can immediately get a refund and return it.


Although making a choice from the numerous wig styles and types that are available can be stressful, these above tips can better inform your choices.

Try out our beginner-friendly, easy care wigs at luvme hairs. We are always open to helping you to finalize your choice of hair that will protect your natural hair from possible heat damage and breakage.

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